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Final Impact Studios: Music for Games

A topic by FinalImpactStudios created 80 days ago Views: 77 Replies: 1
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Hi team! My name is Sean, creator of Final Impact Studios. I compose and produce music suited for Films, Video Games, and Media trailers. So whether you're looking for music for your next game launch or a few seconds of ear catching themes to advertise your content I have you covered! I specialize in ambient, horror, heroic/fantasy, and ethereal world instrumentation. In terms of sound design I'm decent in pads or ambient style sounds. 

You can listen to a few demos on my SoundCloud:

Please email me if you're interested in working together, my email is

Pricing is negotiable and depending on what you're looking for could even be completely free. We can discuss that further through emails, however. 

Thanks for your time!

~Sean C.

~Final Impact Studios~

New track! 

This demonstrates a more ethereal/atmospheric genre: