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Looking for Musician for my Game

A topic by Snipper Joey created 280 days ago Views: 206 Replies: 3
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I'm working on a relaxing, cute yet sort of adventurous game like Kirby with Shovel Knight aesthetics. If you're able to make 16 bit style music that's kind of like a combination of the two, please help. I unfortunately can't pay you, but you'd obviously be greatly thanked in the game.

Have you got anything on the game done (e.g. some visuals, a demo of some sort). Depending on what the game looks like, I might be able to help out. https://soundcloud.com/liam-nixon/platformer-music -- https://soundcloud.com/liam-nixon/gay-cat-waltz

Your music is amazing, dude! I'd love to have you in my team! Wait, I don't have a team... Anyways, give me your email and I'll send you a demo of the game. And since I haven't been working on the game for too long so it's not one of those demos made for players, it's just a beta to test things out.

hitrison@gmail.com I'll check it out as soon as I can!