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HTML5 Visual Novel creation made easy and free · By lunafromthemoon

Jumbled up words

A topic by thomas234 created 83 days ago Views: 78 Replies: 4
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Hi luna,

i have noticed some kind of bug or something in the RenJS game, you can check it in the tutorial itself

Press the Auto play button and then press the settings button, then return to the game. The result is the words get jumbled up and it is not readable. It happens when the next words appear they get jumbled up, i tried to solve it but couldn't get any pointers on it.

Here is the screenshot of the bug. You can see the jumbled words in this, 

Anyone got any solutions here? I looked at the code and i could not pause the text as the setInterval will be looping and to stop it is abit tricky. i found out that this problem arises when the words are long and when the present line is not yet finished , when settings button is pressed and returned at once the words of present and the next line gets merged together giving the jumbled words... if anyone could help solve this problem it would be grateful. Thank you


Hi thomas234, I had found the bug before but it was tricky to reproduce to fix it. Thanks for reporting it, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can!


Hello thomas234, it's finally fixed! You'll find the changes in the RenJSQuickstart repo here. Just grab the RenJS folder and replace the one you have in your game (unless you made some changes yourself, in which case, just replace the RenJS.js file).
Thanks for reporting this bug!

Thank you so much for the fix, i will implement this fix in my game.