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Hello thomas234, it's finally fixed! You'll find the changes in the RenJSQuickstart repo here. Just grab the RenJS folder and replace the one you have in your game (unless you made some changes yourself, in which case, just replace the RenJS.js file).
Thanks for reporting this bug!

Hi thomas234, I had found the bug before but it was tricky to reproduce to fix it. Thanks for reporting it, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can!

You're welcome. You can change the values of these positions, and also add some other interesting positions for your game and use the keywords in your script as you like, too.

What kind of tweening do you mean, using the MOVE transition for characters or tweening inside a call action?

If the example you're referring to is the MOVE transition:

  - show deuzi: WITH CUT AT OUTRIGHT  
  - show deuzi: WITH MOVE AT CENTER

It's working fine integrated with the quickstart, something that could be happening is that for some reason it doesn't find the named positions, these are present in the Defaults.js file, under the positions key:

Check if you have the correct positions and let me know

Oh, the issue is that the key "loading" is already used for the game loading bar of the game. 

As the loading bar and splash screen are loaded before everything in the game, including the yaml files, they can't be specified there. The game loading bar and splash screen paths are in the config file of the game, and the actual loading of them are in the bootstrap file for RenJS. 

If your loading bar has nothing to do with that, and it's just another kind of loading bar for the gui, you will just have to change the key name, for example use loading2, and you will then have that key available to use anywhere from the gui. 

Without much more information, I guess it could be a problem of finding the actual image. Is the path provided the right one in the  yaml? If you remove the specific image in the yaml does it work again? 

Also, make sure you have the latest version of RenJS from the quickstart repository. 

tell me if you have any issue, and thanks, my steam account is sirystin

Hello again,

It wasn't so hard to implement after all, and it's a great feature, so I merged it in the RenJSQuickstart.

Here's the changelog:

You can pull again all the libraries from the Quickstart or add the changes manually (I recommend this since the changes are not that big and are mostly in the SimpleGUI.js file, in the changelog you have to add the things in green and remove the things in red)
Another change is adding the option logChoices in config.js, like so:

logChoices: true

And finally, here's the story that goes with the new code:

  - play morningBGM:
  - show room: WITH FADE
  - text: Hello World
  - scene: recurrentScene

  - text: What are you going to do?
  - choice:
    - Do this:
      - text: You do this
      - scene: wrongAnswer
    - Do that:
      - text: You do that
      - scene: wrongAnswer
    - Do something else:
      - text: You do something else
      - scene: wrongAnswer
    - Do nothing:
      - text: You do nothing
      - scene: lastScene
  - text: Wrong answer
  - scene: recurrentScene

  - text: Finally

I never know if I'm being clear enough, but here's a demo:

I think we can work out something. Do you mean previously selected as in previous games or in the same run when you enter the same scene? The basic idea would be to keep the choices in a user variable (RenJS.logicManager.vars) so that they are saved along the story progress. Then the GUI would have to read this list and greying out the options (could be with a different sprite or by adding a tint to the button). If you want to keep the greyed out options between different runs, it would have to be saved in a different way, but it shouldn't be so hard.

Let me know what are your specific needs and I'll help you implement it.




Hello, in what way would you need the integration? If you just need a random number in a variable, you can still use any kind of javascript code to fill it in, including random number generation. Check this little example:

  - var rand: "Math.floor(Math.random()*10)"
  - text: "A random number {rand}"

This would generate a random number between 0 and 10, and put it in the variable called rand.

Hope to see your creations!

very cute!

thanks for playing! I was going for that "i don't know" feeling, it's what really felt being there.

It's almost all made from the default tileset of RPGMaker MV, you can do so many things with it!

More like grammar problems, so a spellchecker wont find them :p

There are some typos everywhere, but it's a really interesting game!

Hi! Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it. It is the last version, and I also did a big cleaning before generating the game, deleting all sound and graphics not used, so the final version was very light.

como la vida misma

Thanks! I know it's dialogue-heavy, I wanted to have several scenes where you talk with those guys, but didn't have the time. I'm thinking of making it a bit longer and adding music in the future. Glad you liked it!

I didn't have any time left for the music, but will add it in the future. The dialogs with the guys were at first divided in a few different scenes, but I didn't have time to write everything so I just left all of the backstory in that first scene. Thanks for playing!

No music, I finished with 10 minutes to spare and didn't even think about it. I will add some for the final version.

Best game in the jam for me!

Oh no! When do you get that error?

Little bug, when you're playing with the second character and enter the first character's room you get the same event as with the first one, including the wrong face.

Loved it!

Hello, that's a clear COORS problem, it basically doesn't like to load resources from a different domain. With offline files, it's a problem that usually happens over chrome, and I believe Firefox should work properly. For testing on chrome (or other browser that might give you that message) you will need to host your page locally, there's many ways to do this, here are some solutions:

Start a python simple http server in your game folder and then load it from that local serve in localhost:8000:

cd yougamefolder

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

The second solution is even easier: Use brackets editor, that comes with a webserver integrated. Basically, you open your project there and then press the run button (it's a lightning ray in the upper right corner) and it should load it without problem.

Just one more thing, I recommend you to get the latest code of RenJS from the Quickstart project here:

I've been doing some modifications to the engine and the latest documentation is on par with this Quickstart code, but not the tutorial yet.

Let me know if you have any other problem! Thanks for using RenJS!

Hola, ya se que paso bastante tiempo, pero recien hace unos dias tuve tiempo de ponerme a verlo. Hice algunos cambios para contemplar la escala. En el nuevo quickstart que hice, la pantalla se adapta conservando el ratio, y si preferis que no conserve el ratio, hay una opcion en el archivo config.js (en el root) llamado scaleMode en el que deberias poner "EXACT_FIT". Espero que te sirva aunque sea tarde, saludos!

Aca va el quickstart:

Hola! Las dimensiones del canvas/juego de Phaser se settean en el archivo de bootstrap. Fijate que es un archivo bastante corto, y lo vas a encontrar bastante r'apido, si ten'es experiencia con Phaser va a ser m'as f'acil, y sino hay muchos recursos sobre como portarlo. Pod'es consultar en castellano directamente. Saludos! 

is the trailer linked the correct?

Oh, yes. I think the easiest way to implement that is to make a character with the image as the portrait itself, then it's just a matter of calling them like a normal character in a special position (where you want the portrait to be located). Is there anything weird you think might happen if you use a normal character?

you mean the quick menu with the save and settings buttons? you just load each button image, that can have up to 3 frames for normal, pressed and hover, and you can change it's location to wherever you like in the screen. it's part of the hud configuration in the gui file.

Hey, I thought I answered this already but now I can't seem to find the comment. I updated the code here and in the repo. Chrome seems to still be randomly weird about clicks, but the issue in Firefox is fixed. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Hey! It'd be cool! If you want you can fork the project in gitlab and then we'll review it! Right now I'm trying to concentrate in documenting the whole thing.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll check the issues.