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Just updated relaxing sailing game 'Becalm' to include 2 new destinations :)

A topic by colorfiction created Dec 25, 2018 Views: 93
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Happy Holidays!

So in the spirit of the season I've just released a major update to Becalm that adds two new magical destinations! The big change is that now when you run the game it will randomly select a possible voyage for you. I will likely keep adding destinations throughout 2019  in this same format  :) Below are two gifs of the new worlds and a trailer to get a sense of the musical soundtrack.

Here's a trailer:

Visit the Artic sea, watch the icebergs float by and enjoy an Aurora Borealis show:

Journey through a calming river amidst a lively bamboo forest:

Here's to a happy new year and remember; Be Calm!