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Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! · By SteelRaven7

We Want Update!🤬

A topic by AmsterTheCat created 91 days ago Views: 541 Replies: 9
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Give us a update to beta 6 steel raven (god) please!!!

Actually, if you want updates, you are going to have to buy the full version on Steam. Right now, the full game is on Beta 11. So if you want updates, buy the game.

Mate I know.... But why he just didnt post the try version on steam? So bye!👋


@Kyle76 because beta 5 and beta 6 EA12 are completely different 

wat? you mean the demo?

nope is EA12


pls someone get beta 6 and post it here

yes i want beta 6 out please

Beta six came out a while ago. In fact, we are now on Beta 13. So, if you want that, then give SteelRaven7 $15 on steam- . Do some research before posting.

Also, posting the new versions of Ravenfield are illegal. So it's not going to be here.

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please, @SteelRaven, post ATLEAST indev (snapshot, like in minecraft) versions.