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this game goes hard, 10/10

What appears to be keeping it from installing?

hi zelt :)

The gameplay is remarkably good, and I do love the one bit art style. My only complaint is that the bosses felt a little tanky, but it was a joy to play!

now this is cool

very epic


Great game! The buttons on the floor in that one room were a bit confusing, but other then that, the game was easy to understand and fun! 10/10 would play again

This is all coming from someone who has played way too much Titanfall 2.

So... the movement in this game... eh. I really have a problem with the wallrunning. The player feels a bit too weightless, and often ends up wallrunning backwards if they hit the wall the wrong way. Also, holding SPACE while hitting the wall causes you to instantly jump off (which can be fixed by replacing GetButton with GetButtonDown).
Another issue I have is with the levels. Many of the parkour sequences are way too precice to land, especially when you take into account the limited strafing and lack of a double jump. There's also some other issues related to the flow. For example, you come across an enemy who has a shotgun. Do you take his shotgun, or do you keep your grapple gun? In that level, if you took the shotgun, you would come across an unbeatable gap. Another level issue is the inability to try something again once you've messed it up. Some puzzles require you to have an insane amount of momentum, and losing that will make the level unbeatable.

Overall, I think this game has potential to make a great Steam release, it just needs it's movement and level design improved.

*clicks tongue* nice

Beta six came out a while ago. In fact, we are now on Beta 13. So, if you want that, then give SteelRaven7 $15 on steam- . Do some research before posting.

Also, posting the new versions of Ravenfield are illegal. So it's not going to be here.

is there anything to do other than shoot robotic circles??? (btw lit ai you made for them)


I cant even use it because i have to pay to use thos programs