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There is a corupt error and it reloads and restarts the game

A topic by Lani created 94 days ago Views: 128 Replies: 5
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Three times now, I have changed every decision, saved often and the girl kills herself each time and the game crashes.  I can't move past it. It reloads a new game and I can't go back to any of the other saved progress. I can't get to a good ending or any other ending beside the suicide on the day of the festival.  What do I need to do.

now when I relad and start a new game the names are in coding font and the pictures are all messed up, should I just give up and not even try to play the game now?

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So, your game isn’t broken. Play with your files open and open any new files for a better experience. Just trust me. Mostly open any newly appearing .txt files that you find. If you’re fine with spoilers, watch a tiny bit of game theory on YouTube for more information.

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You just spoiled the game.


It’s all fixed now.


TY! :)