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Emerald Miner 299

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I used a mouse but it wasn't any harder than the wii u version.

I'm 11 and I'm about to play this out of boredom and because it said "apocalyptic dating sim" and I was confused on how those 2 go together.

I have played the sequal on my Wii-U, but time to rage with harder controls on the Macbook Pro.

I am just gonna download it cause it reminds us that bad emotions aren't always bad like you said.

I think I'll download it since I am interested in astronomy.

Don't download this, everything is just Yellow.

I had the same problem. I don't know how to fix it.

I think your supposed to right click or left click.

What do you use to make and work on this game.

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Same here I deleted the game because of it. It is unplayable. Whats a game if you can't play it.

No one comes to the thrown and the city is almost fully built but I did not do a thing and nothing happens. Music just plays and I created multiple new games.

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I played the game and I wait for about 5 minutes. Then no one comes. I wait longer... no one comes and the city seems to already be almost fully developed. And nothing save and nothing works. Where’s the creator. It’s been like this for two months and I’m getting to think the bug is not able to be fixed. 😡 or if the emoji doesn’t show correctly >:(

I downloaded the game but haven't played yet. I think it might be cool. DO YOU KNOW DA WAY

Signing off-

Uganda Knuckles.