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Equally Calming and Creepy!

A topic by MikeyBlighe created Dec 18, 2018 Views: 64 Replies: 1
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Oooh, I really didn't know what I was walking into with this one! I wasn't sure if it was a walking simulator, an adventure game, a puzzle game... turns out that it's kind of all of those things!

The definitive draw of this game is the atmosphere and sense of loneliness. The feelings of being alone really come flying in at you, from the views into nothingness from the edges of the town to the melancholic music sneaking into every corner of your mind. The fact that each little zone has its own music was also a really nice touch!

Once you find your bearings and get your head into the layout of the place you'll eventually find some truths(?) and at least some little hints about what went down in this place, and then a glimpse into your own fate too!

A wonderfully weird little game, would definitely recommend that you have a poke around for yourselves and get sucked into this little slice of nowhere!

Keep up the awesome work, Shane! =)


Thanks for playing and posting gameplay :)