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Well told and tragic. I like the art style.

This is good stuff!


It do be like that sometimes. I'll be curious to see where it goes from here.

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Hello!!! 😁
I think you and your games are cool, too, and I hope you can make more video games for as long as it brings you joy! Brains do be fried sometimes.

I like the ideas and writing in this! Great cyberpunk vibes.

Loved the art in this! Only got the good ending. I'm happy for Arle!


This is cool. I think I got quite far and got stuck, but there were some very satisfying puzzles in there. Love the glitchy aesthetics, too.

Great execution. Loved the speaking bit.

This was cool. Love the music and the use of blurring/bloom. Also love how your screenshots hinted at something more that I eventually found.

Yo this looks dopeeeeee

that's ok :)

lol. Thank you!

Damn that's so hype

This was cute and well done!

spreadsheet mmo community · Created a new topic good


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👁 - S H A R E - I T - M Y S T E R Y - B U Y E R - 👁

Cruel World community · Created a new topic so cruel :(

Love this idea. I didn't initially realize what MINE was doing until after the first hack, though. I guess I am cruel :(

submarines bad

Thank you! Love the avatar, ha!

yes more rats

cool computer game :)

This was dope af


Cute story, lovely art!

This was really neat. I loved the environments and the different sounds encountered in the different areas. The ending (before the FMV) legitimately gave me chills and was an extremely memorable moment in the game. Thank you for making this.

I love the evolution of this from your previous tic tac toe game. So much personality from each bird.

juicy af yo

Honestly quite a refreshing lens on game genres

That was a cool sequel to the last one. Loved the lighting again here! And the colorsssss

loved this!

I twang on my guitar

Woah, that was really cool. I like the concept. I think this idea around steps has a lot of potential. Quite fun!

so cuteee. Very simple and well executed. Love the point it's making about the whole social aspect of games like this.