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That was dope. I got the ultra powerful ending after a few tries. Love all the visual florish and noises.

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Firstly, the Mac build is currently broken. I need to take a look into fixing that soon

But also, I should have put a warning out sooner for those out of the loop. MacOS 10.15 and higher have a Gatekeeper that doesn't allow unsigned apps to run easily on your computer. To sign an app, one has to pay Apple $100/year, which is a decision I really don't support. There are apparently workarounds to allow you to run unsigned apps. Here's one possible solution:

But again, Mac build broken for now.

Thanks for sticking through it! Possibly it could have been a bug.

Hmm, did you see a really large flock of birds? And did you look around at the mountains during your last 10 minutes?

Thank you for playing!

Really cool premise here!

This was really cool! The music choice was spot on and the art was very nice.

Nice art and combat system!

The music and overall mood of this is on point. Very whimsical and the flying and fishing is neat!

Very well done with this. Everything feels very tight and polished. And those 2D illustrations are gorgeous!

Dope as heck! Just oozing with style and the crowd-control combat was a lot of fun. The modeling and animation on those skeletons were great (loved that credits dancing!). Excellent work!

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That's really well done. The aesthetic and execution are so great on this! I wasn't able to finish it, but I enjoyed what I played of it. Also, this Itch page is juicy! (Edit: I went back and figured out what I needed to do and got to the ending. Splendid!)

Thank you 😊


Great album. Great visualization!

That was really neat. Creeped me out but got me thinking. Very touching :)

Oww, my fingers. But it was all worth it. I have been born anew.

Ha, nice ending. I liked it.

That was neat! I like the 1-bit tile art. My fingers got a little tired after a bit, though 😅

I love your use of lighting in this!

Lovely commentary. Thank you!

I loved everything about this. Holy shit. Well done! The audio is great and the aesthetics use the PSX style to such an effective degree but with modern sensibilities.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

After a hard days work serving customers, there's nothing like slottin in that paper and driving all the way home. Brilliant moment.


Thank you for the thorough kind words! I'm glad you had such a thoughtful experience with the game.


I'm not really sure then. Do you have any other mice/controllers connected to your computer or have one of those keyboards with the little nubs/pointing sticks?

Can you try out the newly updated Windows 64-bit version? I made a few changes that might fix it, but I'm not sure. Beyond this, there's not a whole lot I can do. Hard to know what's going on. I just looked up some general issues others were having with first person controllers rotating uncontrollably.

Like, the camera kept rotating? Never heard of this one. What platform were you on?

Yo, that was sick! The eyes mechanic added so much.

What have you done to my perception of the world??!! This was really cool.

Loved it

This is such a meticulous and depressing idea for something in the distant future taking current game trends to the extreme and mixing them with the likes of Euro Truck Simulator. I love it.

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You can view the article in full in your browser if you visit the project page. No download is required. I'm not sure which option is better for the environment.

Really cool! Peaceful yet foreboding.

It has Neko Yume, which is from the same developer.