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This was really well done and I want to thank you for sharing your story. Also, you did a fantastic job with the art.

Try looking in those general directions in the spots between the mountains at various points. You might see something. Hope this helps.


Check the map on the first floor

You can try the new build. My hunch is that it should work now.

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I haven't touched it in a while, but I do plan on looking into it more at some point. Are you also on Windows 7?

Just exploring the environment. There is an ending you can trigger if you've explored enough areas.

Yes yes yes!!!! *chef's kiss*

This is so delightful and adorable!


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It's possible that a non-US-layout keyboard might not function exactly as intended if that's something you're using. But most buttons on the keyboard should be mapped to do something.

All of the keys

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Fantastic melancholic game with wonderful visuals and such great music and sound design that brings everything to life. I love the concepts and terms used throughout the story to describe everything. Also, the little complicated animations sprinkled in here and there adds so much character. Just lovely.

That was dope and I'm not even into shmups. Maybe helped that I could die however many times I wanted. But the music was hype, the environments and enemies fantastic, and it was blast sucking up all them bullets.

I give anyone permission to use any of my games for an adaptation, but one that could be interesting is this ambient horror game I made, called Approaches, where you fruitlessly try to repair a radio tower before getting consumed by a giant monster, which is unavoidable.

wish I had a house like that

but is there a multi-multiverse?

I loved that. Very small and weird with great creature designs. Also, the battle system was actually pretty interesting.

It has such fantastically realized game spaces. I loved the soundtrack and the visuals. The use of billboard sprites and how everything moves around is so fascinating.

Very nice environments. The colors and pixelation were really well done!

That's alright. You don't need to give any money. Thank you for playing! That's super cool you were searching for something like this. We could always use more city-without-people games, though ;)


thanks for playing! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lovely imagery and story 💜

Thank you for making this. Extremely powerful stuff. I can definitely relate with some of the feelings expressed in here and know people in my life going through similar circumstances. I hope you're still surviving. I hope we can all survive together.



Well told and tragic. I like the art style.

This is good stuff!


It do be like that sometimes. I'll be curious to see where it goes from here.

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Hello!!! 😁
I think you and your games are cool, too, and I hope you can make more video games for as long as it brings you joy! Brains do be fried sometimes.

I like the ideas and writing in this! Great cyberpunk vibes.

Loved the art in this! Only got the good ending. I'm happy for Arle!


This is cool. I think I got quite far and got stuck, but there were some very satisfying puzzles in there. Love the glitchy aesthetics, too.

Great execution. Loved the speaking bit.

This was cool. Love the music and the use of blurring/bloom. Also love how your screenshots hinted at something more that I eventually found.

Yo this looks dopeeeeee