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There are two endings unless you can break the game somehow. 

Suicide or purgatory maybe?

The nature of the character controller I used. Couldn't exactly remove it and I wanted the player to still be able to jump around because it's fun. I made pretty sure that nothing would break if the player decided to jump around to unintended spots, so not a huge issue. Though, I can definitely see it being a strange feature of an otherwise somber game. Ha

Thank you for playing. I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing and posting gameplay :)

Thanks much for playing. If you want to reach the top of the tower, drop down into the tunnels but take the other path up.

Thanks for the support. I'll play it again.

That was sick. Loved the world and aesthetics. Very lively. Loved the part with the dripping water and its secret. Had a glitch, though, where I was in the main hub but it was blue. I walked through the nearest portal and got teleported, but then only saw a white screen that didn't go away. I couldn't hear any footsteps, but I could hear music and cats. I paused and selected Wake and got teleported again to another white screen, but this time I didn't hear any cats and I couldn't pause again. Loved the game, though ;)

Solid aesthetic. The movement felt a little wonky, though. 

Cool! Just making sure.

Hey timeloop, I was wondering if it was fine to submit a project I have been working on for 2 years to this jam if I made progress during the next two months. I read the other thread about money and decided I could release a pay-what-you-want demo at the end of the jam.

Cool. Good luck with the project!

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I'm getting stuck at the first screen. I press Enter and then it won't let me press Enter again to continue. I've tried clicking everywhere, pressing every key, and fiddling with Caps Lock. I'm using Windows 10.

Aww yeah