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Problem when exporting 16x30

A topic by tosutostudio created 94 days ago Views: 107 Replies: 5
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I'm trying to export to png or gif (whichever works) and there are problems with sizes.

The desired size is 16x30 px.

The output png filesize is 150x270 :

And here is the gif result :

Quite disappointed by these results ! :(

Could you help please ?

I can send you the project file if needed, no problem.

Thanks !

This happens for me whenever the scale doesn't evenly divide the canvas size, what do those settings look like for you?

I think perhaps when exporting, the program doesn't handle fractions of pixels, so some frames end up wider than others in the spritesheet, as the fractions build up and eventually are more than one. Inconsistent frame widths is what leads to this weird scrolling effect when playing the gif.

What fixes this for me is when I make sure the canvas size divided by scale results in an integer. If you want a 16x30 sprite and your scale is set to 4, try setting canvas size to 64x120. Does that fix it?


I tried messing with parameters yesterday and this is exactly the conclusion I arrived to :)

Rounding errors accumulating mess with the final sprites sizes, and playing with canvas size + scale seems to get around this problem.

Thanks for you answer !


Yep, also in the new release will be an option to export single frames in .png that should solve all this problems too.


Can't wait for this option! (like everyone else :) )

Keep up the good work!

Thank you!  My artist was having the same problem just now and we had no idea what was going on.  This would be the kind of thing the program should warn the user about when they're changing the scale and canvas size.