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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

[Bug] Unable to recruit certain followers to combat group

A topic by Zeninth125 created Dec 16, 2018 Views: 297 Replies: 4
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1. ver. 0.5.22b

2. Windows 10 Pro(x64)

3. After certain point when doing Cali's questline, I'm unable to recruit first follower, Emily and Cali into combat group regardless of high amount of obedience, loyalty, health, energy and low amount of stress. I only noticed this when I rescued the girl that was kidnapped by the forest bandits was returned to her grandpa. 

4. Following Cali's questline>Choosing all the 'good guy' options.>After rescuing village girl and returned to grandpa> Arrived at mansion where the quest prompted to go to the village at the next day > Realised can't recruit Cali > Unrecruit all combatants > Realised can't recruit first follower, Emily and Cali

5. Save file

P.S.- I will be very grateful if somebody can edit my save files with Cali already in combat group. I can't advance Cali's storyline without her in it T^T

Make sure their obedience is high enough.

I had this happen with Cali on this quest. Turned out her fatigue was too high to be added to the combat group.

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Hmm that's weird. It's not the first time this happened though. This is the second game that this has happened. And I already checked their status and compare them to the ones that has maximum obedience and loyalty. Weirdly enough, currently on my third game, this problem didn't happened. (Although I had to restart the game all the same when I realized I speedplayed and forgot about Maple. Ugh.) Nevermind though, since the developer himself said the condition on why I'm unable to do it. I'll just chalk it up to my meddling with the save files.

Hi, I had the same problem,  my Cali,  Ayneris, and Maple were all locked out of my combat group despite meeting all the requirements.  After looking over my save files the problem seemed to have happened in one of the previous version but i did not really notice it at the time. 

After some random testing I was able to fix this problem by putting said characters in jail and ending the day. On the second day I released them back into communal and everything was back to normal.  Hope this fixes your problem. 

Ver. 0.5.22b

Macbook pro (MacOS Sierra)