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The Political and Military Simulator · By Niris Games

Features to be implemented Sticky

A topic by Niris Games created Dec 13, 2018 Views: 52
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Developer (8 edits)

Here is a list (not complete) of features that i'm hoping to implement in Upheaval. Any ideas you have, please comment. I'll be adding to this list with any new ideas.

  • Mod Support (more info here - Possible mod support features)
  • Help / Manual / Tool tips - There is a lack of info to new players, more details are needed.
  • Internal insurgency. As you can try to topple country by supporting insurgency in their country, it should also be something for you to consider. In that your actions may cause issues with your country and internal security will need to be considered. 
  • Save game support (not needed with default scenario, but mods may make scenarios longer)
  • Expand scoring to take more stats into calculation and give more detailed analysis.  Online hi score boards?
  • Difficulty selection.  Currently, the starting scenario has a slight variance on start conditions, so games are never the same. However this could be made more severe, to increase difficulty, or make easier.
  • Language translations (although this might be achieved via mod support)
  • Key remapping - mouse control. Would this be useful to anyone?
  • Research - the original Conflict game allowed research of nukes. Occasionally this did affect the balance of the game so i dont want to include that, but maybe other research elements would be useful. So rather than a super weapon, you could improve troop types, or make them cheaper, something along those lines.
  • Should be able to provide mac and linux version