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The Political and Military Simulator · By Niris Games

Mod Support - Possible Features Sticky

A topic by Niris Games created Jan 04, 2019 Views: 22
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Developer (1 edit)

This is my list of features that i'm currently looking to support within mod support. Some will be supported earlier than others, all depends on how easy items are, and what is more popular.

  • Countries
    • Need to support loading a user's image to show main area, and possibly multiple, for further features
    • Need to list countries in play
    • Who is the player playing as
    • Setup each country (troops, money)
    • Who can attack who? 
    • Can countries be occupied, and used to launch further attacks on neighbouring countries?
  • Troops
    • Types (name, description, stats for combat, image)
    • Purchasing method. Could add support for certain types only from certain buyers (Not supplied from own country).
  • Win Conditions
    • All other countries out the game
    • Only friendly countries (pact) left.
    • % of countries controlled
  • Complete Text Customisation
    • Diplomatic / Insurgency / Troop Purchasing text could all be altered.

Any further ideas you have, please add a comment. Also does this given you any ideas of possible scenarios? I'd like to add some fantasy battles, maybe historical wars, or future space battles. Lots of possibilities. In fact with the Complete Text Customisation idea, i guess it would be possible to make quite different types of games. Maybe a 2008 financial crash simulator, where banks are trying to survive, by offloading worthless assets to each other.