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This is my list of features that i'm currently looking to support within mod support. Some will be supported earlier than others, all depends on how easy items are, and what is more popular.

  • Countries
    • Need to support loading a user's image to show main area, and possibly multiple, for further features
    • Need to list countries in play
    • Who is the player playing as
    • Setup each country (troops, money)
    • Who can attack who? 
    • Can countries be occupied, and used to launch further attacks on neighbouring countries?
  • Troops
    • Types (name, description, stats for combat, image)
    • Purchasing method. Could add support for certain types only from certain buyers (Not supplied from own country).
  • Win Conditions
    • All other countries out the game
    • Only friendly countries (pact) left.
    • % of countries controlled
  • Complete Text Customisation
    • Diplomatic / Insurgency / Troop Purchasing text could all be altered.

Any further ideas you have, please add a comment. Also does this given you any ideas of possible scenarios? I'd like to add some fantasy battles, maybe historical wars, or future space battles. Lots of possibilities. In fact with the Complete Text Customisation idea, i guess it would be possible to make quite different types of games. Maybe a 2008 financial crash simulator, where banks are trying to survive, by offloading worthless assets to each other.

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Use this topic to make any comments on how the game currently plays and suggestions on what could be improved.  Any "constructive" criticism also  welcome!

Current improvement to do list

  • Graphic improvements (better map(s), zooming to different areas (im not actually showing the south sea islands, or the real sea conflict zones)).
  • Headlines, need to expand the amount of content and improve it to give more feedback to your actions. Also create graphics to show as paper headlines.  
  • Scoring needs to take more factors into account, and present them more verbosely.
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Upheaval is currently at a very bare bones prototype level. So i thought this guide would be handy, as there is no manual / in built help available at the moment. 


W/ S or Up/Down cursor keys to move selection in menu. Use space or enter to select. Escape will  bring up pause menu in game.  

Currently game options are  music/sfx level and resolution/full screen choice.


Your job is to maintain your presence in the conflict area (south china sea), to do this you must not be defeated by any other country. At your disposal are the following choices that can be made each turn.

Country Affairs - You have diplomatic and intelligence choices for each country, to improve or reduce relations or to support or destabilise insurgents. Supporting insurgents always has the chance of being discovered and causing diplomatic problems. Helping the country against insurgents generally helps in your relationship.  

Policy - Different weapon types can be purchased, to build you task force. You then have strategic action options on which countries your forces should engage/defend against.  Deploy forces to your territory borders, if opposition forces are reported, to defend against attack. Or build up forces on an opponents border to escalate tension and force armed conflict.  

Battlefield Forces

There are 6 different military force types. Destroyer, Frigate, Missile Boat, Strike Aircraft, Anti-Sub Helicopter and Submarine.  Description and cost should give some insight into effectiveness against each force type. 

Win / Loss 

The game ends with a loss, when you a lose a battle and are therefore forced out the conflict zone.  A win is given when all other countries have been defeated (by any means at your disposal) and you remain as the sole country with control of the conflict area.

Feel free to comment if you have questions on where you would like more detail/explanation. I'll be expanding this as the game develops, and will use this for the basis of the in-game manual/help.

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Here is a list (not complete) of features that i'm hoping to implement in Upheaval. Any ideas you have, please comment. I'll be adding to this list with any new ideas.

  • Mod Support (more info here - Possible mod support features)
  • Help / Manual / Tool tips - There is a lack of info to new players, more details are needed.
  • Internal insurgency. As you can try to topple country by supporting insurgency in their country, it should also be something for you to consider. In that your actions may cause issues with your country and internal security will need to be considered. 
  • Save game support (not needed with default scenario, but mods may make scenarios longer)
  • Expand scoring to take more stats into calculation and give more detailed analysis.  Online hi score boards?
  • Difficulty selection.  Currently, the starting scenario has a slight variance on start conditions, so games are never the same. However this could be made more severe, to increase difficulty, or make easier.
  • Language translations (although this might be achieved via mod support)
  • Key remapping - mouse control. Would this be useful to anyone?
  • Research - the original Conflict game allowed research of nukes. Occasionally this did affect the balance of the game so i dont want to include that, but maybe other research elements would be useful. So rather than a super weapon, you could improve troop types, or make them cheaper, something along those lines.
  • Should be able to provide mac and linux version
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Please report bugs here, or if not registered here, drop us an email at 

If would be very helpful, if you gave a description of what happened and what you did for it to happen.  If you can remember what the state of the game was at that point, that would be useful too (was fighting country x,  country y,z was out the game, etc).

Also can you repeat it? If so what are the steps? What version of the game do you have?


Upheaval community · Created a new topic Release Notes
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v. - 15/01/2019 - Newspaper headlines, limit insurgency actions -

v. - 18/12/2018 - Few fixes (installer, duplicate anarchy headlines), balancing -

v. - 12/12/2018 - Prototype released