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Desert Child

Hoverbike races + ramen for breakfast · By Akupara Games

Running executable on Windows tries to launch via Steam

A topic by GameDesignerBen created Dec 11, 2018 Views: 224 Replies: 4
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The executable I downloaded from attempts to start the game through Steam, and won't start unless I register the game there.

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I don't have Steam installed at all (and don't plan on changing that);  When I try to launch Desert Child from itch absolutely nothing happens. I assume these are related?

Hopefully the Itch edition will be fixed soon.. otherwise, maybe the developer can comp me a GoG key? I'll gladly trade my steam copy for one.

Update:  Problem Fixed!  Thanks, devs!

This is happening to me too - has there been any solve for this?


Hi everyone! There's a new build that should work, but we're currently looking for a fix for this! The zip should be called DesertChild Windows

98 MB


Hi everyone!

There's an updated build ready for download! The new build should be called DesertChild Windows