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Thank you for the note! I'll send this along to our team. 

Thanks for the note! I'll flag this to our developers so that we can hopefully log and address any concerns going forward!

Awesome! This is great to hear since it's precisely what we connected with, too on the project! Future installments are definitely coming so keep an eye out (unless you have just a blank face, then I guess... IDK but there's more coming!)

Hey, despens! Email me here: buddy [at] akuparagames [dot] com 

I'll see if we can get you situated. 

Omg, this is great! Let me show the team!


We'll definitely take a look at what it might take to publish a demo. Thanks for reaching out! 

Hey, Alan! 
Multiplayer for Gone Viral kicks in with streaming. If you stream the game through Twitch and link up your Twitch chat, your friends will be able to determine your items, drops, mutations and more! Thanks for giving the demo a shot!

Thanks for giving the game a try! If you walk into the saw chests, you'll take one damage and open the box! If you're low on keys, it's a good way to get goodies. You can also wallop bad guys into the box and use their health to unlock it for yourself. 

If you want to follow up with the full title in the beta, feel free to join the discord:

Thanks again!

Hey, DarkggGAMES!
I'd like to help troubleshoot the problem for you. What operating system are you using?


Thanks for the kind words! Make sure you join the discord because the devs have some really cool updates coming out right around the corner!

The DRM build on Humble has also been updated! Thanks for the question!

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Just to update this thread officially, we have released the Linux version of Mutazione! Thanks for letting us know it was something you were looking for, we're really happy we could bring the game to the platform!

You're in luck! We're moving forward with our plans on a Linux port and could really use the help testing out the game! Send me an email here if you're interested: buddy [at]

We do have some good news to announce! We've started looking into the viability of a linux port, so in the next few months you'll likely hear either a hard 'yes' or 'no' from us! The team is very focused on new content at the moment, so that's our first priority, but as we free up some space in the schedule we can look into this further. 

Keep an eye on this thread for more updates. 

Sorry to hear that's happened to you! 
If you email me at Buddy [at], I can help diagnose the problem and get an answer for you! 


Hey kednar! It's something we'll be looking into once the dust settles here. We'll update this thread when we've had a chance to discuss further internally.

The game is 6-8 hours long on average, although we've seen some users already putting in 10+ on a playthrough.

The full version of Linux should be uploaded here on itch and good to go! (:

Hi everyone!

There's an updated build ready for download! The new build should be called DesertChild Windows

Hi there! At this time new guns can be selected only at start of game, or before start New Game + which you can access once beating the game.

Hi everyone! There's a new build that should work, but we're currently looking for a fix for this! The zip should be called DesertChild Windows

98 MB

Hi! If you try it again, it should work now (: