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Bug:  Altering the sensitivity settings in the menu permanently makes me unable to turn left or right in the game.  The F10 then R reset doesn't fix it, nor does reinstalling the game (even if uninstalling it completely first)

Any idea how I can fix this?

I've gotten to Mars but I have yet to find any kind of weapon shop.  Did I miss something, or is the weapon I chose at game start what I'm stuck with for the entire game?

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I don't have Steam installed at all (and don't plan on changing that);  When I try to launch Desert Child from itch absolutely nothing happens. I assume these are related?

Hopefully the Itch edition will be fixed soon.. otherwise, maybe the developer can comp me a GoG key? I'll gladly trade my steam copy for one.

Update:  Problem Fixed!  Thanks, devs!

At one point one of my legs permanently changed into a skeleton's. The price of dying a couple too many times?  :'D      P.S.  What exactly does the Holy Hooch do?  Drinking it just added it to my item list, without affecting my health in any noticeable way.