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Input number of buildings

A topic by davidgwydion created Dec 09, 2018 Views: 779 Replies: 10
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I would love it if I could tell the program approximately how many buildings I want. I haven't figured out how you communicated this back and forth from Azgaar's.


You can't specify how many buildings you need, but you can request a specific number of "inner wards" like this:

In this case it's 20 wards within the city walls which include the market and the temple, but don't include the castle.

Hello Watabou, I am a great fan of your program, checking for news any time I open the browser at home. I am really intrigued by the concept of wards to characterize a fantasy settlement.  Will be really useful and interesting to have the possibility to choose the numbers and the type of wards in any city. Do you think to add in the future these options as a prompt in your program?

I created, with a random list generator, (sorry, in Italian) a list for types of wards with random commercial activity or localizations, diffrent for any type of ward(You will not find the same kind of shops or services in a slum or in an aristocratic ward).  I used Inspiration pad pro 3.0, a  free program really powerful to create any kind of random lists. It would be great to be able to bind the ward to some kind of random list, or a pre generated list of activity for any ward.

Do you thougt to do something in that direction in future?


"Something in that direction" is good wording :) I'd like to make the desktop version as customizable as possible, but actually I'm planning to remove types of wards as they are too rigid and to implement something more organic.

Wow, seems really interesting. Yes, the ward division for types is quite rigid, but is not so far from the real distribution activities in the ancient and middle age european cities. The society was rigid. Do you have some indicative date for the  desktop version? months? years? 

Developer (1 edit)
I hope to release the initial desktop version within 2-3 months. It will be rewritten  from scratch, but it won't include too many new features. After that if everything is all right I'll start adding new functionality.

Good! Looking forward for the results. Do you think to make some improovement or new version at the web application, or is now in his final version? Hope to have notification over the desktop software release. thanks for your answer.


Yeah, I'm going to keep updating the web version, although no big changes/additions are planned for it at this moment.

hey bro ive been a fan of your pixel art  i waited for pixel dungeon update for so long eventually i found out this and ur working on a project and still active im here to ask if ur gonna update the pixel dungeon or the will just let it be like that state,so straight to the point i was hoping u could make a mmo pixel game like mirage,pereger,angels and orc on playstore ive been inlove with 2d pixel mmo games i hope u could make one u could really make a fortune on make a game like that because u have fame on making pixel dungeon would be awesome to see u make an mmo with quest,farming,skills,tree stats and other stuffs



I consider Pixel Dungeon a finished game and I'm not planning to add any new content or features to it. I still update it occasionally, because the game is pretty old and I need to make changes just to keep it working on newer systems, but that's it. I'm definitely going to create Pixel Dungeon 2 or something like that someday, the only question is whether it will be my next next or it will happen in ten years...


Thanks for the wonderful information still waitong for the 2nd pixel dungeon i hope it will be more awesome and cool thanks