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Hello Watabou, I am a great fan of your program, checking for news any time I open the browser at home. I am really intrigued by the concept of wards to characterize a fantasy settlement.  Will be really useful and interesting to have the possibility to choose the numbers and the type of wards in any city. Do you think to add in the future these options as a prompt in your program?

I created, with a random list generator, (sorry, in Italian) a list for types of wards with random commercial activity or localizations, diffrent for any type of ward(You will not find the same kind of shops or services in a slum or in an aristocratic ward).  I used Inspiration pad pro 3.0, a  free program really powerful to create any kind of random lists. It would be great to be able to bind the ward to some kind of random list, or a pre generated list of activity for any ward.

Do you thougt to do something in that direction in future?

"Something in that direction" is good wording :) I'd like to make the desktop version as customizable as possible, but actually I'm planning to remove types of wards as they are too rigid and to implement something more organic.

Wow, seems really interesting. Yes, the ward division for types is quite rigid, but is not so far from the real distribution activities in the ancient and middle age european cities. The society was rigid. Do you have some indicative date for the  desktop version? months? years?