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HUD/UI in Stereoscopic mode

A topic by HazardFPV created Dec 07, 2018 Views: 151 Replies: 1
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Problem: HUD/UI spans full screen in stereoscopic mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Turn on stereoscopic mode.
  • Put on your goggles.
  • Get only half the HUD in each eye.
  • Go mad and/or blind trying to read it or click on things without taking the goggles off.

Suggested fix: Duplicate HUD and mouse cursor to show on both sides.

Developer (2 edits)

Yes, I am aware that the HUD is not readable in stereoscopic mode. I will take a note of it and see if I can fix it in a coming version (It's not so easy since the menu system is completely different from the in-game camera, otherwise I would have done it like that right away). My recommendation the way it is now is to take the goggles off whenever you're navigation the menu.