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Congratulations Developers You've done it AGAIN!

A topic by GameGabe created 75 days ago Views: 64 Replies: 2
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Congratulations dear developers you've done it again, you scared the living crap out of me and to be honest i think this one was better than previous part imo. 

Rly liked the new mechanics even tho i've barely used them lol, the audio was great, fitted really good with everything involved.

Fear not, i'm not done with the game just yet :) 


Gabe, thanks for playing King's Comfort!  Good to hear you enjoyed this one more than the first game. It was a quicker development, starting on Halloween and ending on November 27th, but it was also built off the first game so there was a bit of a head start. The next installment of the series will be much different. Less reminiscent of retro horror games and arcade games, and more modern, with much more obvious story telling, and much lengthier gameplay. In terms of graphics at least; retro '70s and '80s horror has always been our primary influence.

Good luck on completion! You got this next run through, we believe in you. 



It was a joy playing it, and i didn't know you managed to make it in such a short time so good job on that! 

Looking forward for the next instalment what are you gonna cook up!