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Really a nice game, i wanna see more levels of it! The dialogue was nice and funny and the music was very fitting imo, the artstyle was great! Keep up the great work

That was a really nice game, graphics are amazing i could actually run it at ULTRA!!!

Keep it up!

It was a joy playing it, and i didn't know you managed to make it in such a short time so good job on that! 

Looking forward for the next instalment what are you gonna cook up!

Congratulations dear developers you've done it again, you scared the living crap out of me and to be honest i think this one was better than previous part imo. 

Rly liked the new mechanics even tho i've barely used them lol, the audio was great, fitted really good with everything involved.

Fear not, i'm not done with the game just yet :) 

No probs, i enjoyed playing it, maybe i was a bit cranky cos of the cold at the time of recording.

I do think your next game will be better, the more you make the better you are imo :)

This was definetly a weird quest i have to say. The pixelated art was nice.

Puzzles how ever did not make any sense to me, and imo the last part could be a bit easier, or at least 2 hit death. 

But other than that no complaints, good job :)

Had a great fun playing the game. I only wished maybe the mouth would open a bit wider since it was a bit hard to see sometimes where i was heading imo. 

But regardless of that it was a nice fun game, good job! 

Great game i have to say, the pixelated artstyle was rly good i liked it, samoe goes for the music and ambience.

One thing i didn't like was the fact that you had to exit the x-ray in order to scan yourself again, i think it could easily be solved by just moving the x-rayed screen around.

The ending left me smiling and in waiting for more, can't wait to see your secret stuff that you're making. Great game!

That was a nice game, wished it was bit longer but still it was nice to see a live action game after a while, gave me a nice memory of Return to Yugoslavia for some reason ( maybe because they were both recorded with real persons ), that camera glitch i think it was kinda too much from time to time, i'm not sure what's suppose to be with guy going out the room and than back in just to move him?

The ambience and atmosphere were nice!

Still a good game tho, keep it up!

Interesting game i have to say, this episode was more or less a confusion from me but i'm sure things will clear up when i play more of it.

Great game so far really like it, some nice spooks in it and the ambience is great! 

Really loved Episode 2, i dare to say it was better than Episode 1 but that's up to individual :) The puzzles were nice and simple, easy to figure out, the story itself great and so was the music 

Can't wait for the next episode, great job as always, keep it up! 10/10

Definitely one of the weirdest game i've played. The artstyle was nice, but i didn't rly get the point of the game or the "goal".  I know it's an experimental game but still, a bit of explanation would be good imo. But other than that it was a good game, simple and weird.  

Played the game once more in hope to finish the game and defeat the killer. Kinda figured him out how to avoid him, but still in the end he was faster than me ... again.

But the game is still scary, maybe i'll give it another go! :) 

Oh yeah he moves fast as all hell, i thought shadows in Amnesia were scary to encounter but this one was just wow.

Might actually consider playing it again - i mean 'cmon everyone loves free underwear lol

I gotta say this game was very welcomed since it's just spooktober and boy it was scary! Sadly i didn't have the balls to finish the game 'cos it scared the living shit out of me. But still great game even tho there were few random FPS drops from time to time 


Great job creating this game developers i enjoyed playing every single minute of the game. Really love the artstyle in the game, the atmosphere and ambience were amazing, puzzles were good and easy to solve ( if you read carefully ), now i can't wait to see where the story will take us. Overall an amazing game and good luck on Kickstarter campaign! 69/69 

After a long time finally a game that made me laugh out loud. Great job on the execution, i wish the captain's narration would be a bit louder, but considering game was made in 72h it's not a big deal. Great job devs keep it up!

Absolutely loved this Demo and i can't wait for the game to come out!
Loved the art style in the game, kinda reminded me of Bear With Me. Also that cat is just the best save station ever!
Great game, can't wait for future updates on the progress!

Nice game! A bit short for my taste, but i understand that it was made for a game jam so you were on a time limit.

Great game overall, no complaints, keep it up! :)

Amazing work as usual guys! Really liked the game, very simple. The music and topic for song is very interesting. 

Keep it up guys! 

Loved the game, even tho it wasn't really optimised. But still the story seems interesting.

There are a few down sides to the game as i've mentioned in the game, but i would really love to see it finished! 

Nice and short game, can't wait to see what you'll come up with in part 2.

I wish the Part 2 will be a bit longer, and maybe optimise it a bit more since i had quite a few FPS drops even on low settings. One more thing maybe to add is the actual objectives, because i was very confused what to do or where to go. 

Congrats on winning the gamejam btw! 

I had a blast playing this game even tho i don't have the singing ability. Highly recommend the game if you wanna get some vocal training and if you want to learn how to sing.

Great and very unique game 10/10!

Gotta say the game was great to play and i can't wait for the final release. I got jumpscared a few times since i didn't saw it coming, also the story was rly interesting.

Great job!

This game was amazing! 

There's plenty of room to expand and to add more features like escaping with a car, more detailed car models, easter eggs from the movie etc.

If you do get out of the car straight away when he breaks through the fence he can't rly recognise that you're there, so he has to see you first in order to catch you. 

Also maybe it's just me but i have a feeling his roar should be a bit louder ( not that it isn't terrifying enough lol ).

Can't wait for future updates! 10/10 would play again

Very enjoyable game to play, loved the character design! Screw the peanuts btw 

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Definitely one one the weirdest dates up to date. But the game was great, nice job devs!

This game was great, the artstyle was fantastic! I wasn't quite happy with my ending but i'm excited to find out other endings. Great job! 

Great game again guys, you never disappoint :) I was surprised a bit that you decided to make a first person based game since you make mostly 2D based games, but it turned out great! Keep it up!

Quite liked the game even tho i made barely any progress :) jumpscares were nice, didn't expect them. Does the teacher have a patern or is he walking completely randomised? Great game overall 

Thanks, glad you liked it :) 

I really loved this game, the ambience and background was keeping me tense and creeped out all the time. I can't wait for more of it. BTW i've looked up later after the recording who were the guys you were inspired by and i have to say i really like their artstyle/artwork. 

Absolutely loved the game! No complaints at all about it everything was perfect and right on spot. The perspective was beautiful, something i've never seen in a game. Great job and keep up with the amazing games!

I quite enjoyed playing this game, and i really lied the questions provided, even tho i was wrong in a few cases since i didn't know that labor day is on different day in the states. And ofc a massive thumbs up for the hand drawn artstyle!

Amazing game, i have to say you rly pulled off the pixelated art style, not to mention great atmosphere and music. Can't wait for the full release!

This game was amazing, i wish i'd played it earlier. 10/10 

I really liked the game, but i expected more of ending tbh. Can't wait for more! :)

Very tasty game i have to say, i'd rate 69/10 jacksepticeye's 

Very unique idea i have to say, maybe the people could walk a bit slowly but than again it would take away the challenge, good job!

Interesting game, a bit too "difficult" for my taste but it was a nice challenge chasing all the people :) Good job!