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Had a lot of fun with the game, really enjoyed playing it, my only wish is if there was more options for combat like kicking etc.

Good job!

Thanks for making the game :)

Actually never played Baldi's Basics so i thought i'd play this version of the game since it's been a year when the game was introduced.

Will deff give it another go and try to beat the game :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Really nice game, enjoyed playing it, only wish there were more levels :)

Good job!

Nice demo version of the game, loved the creepiness in it.

Good job!

Really fun game, had a lot of fun playing it. I see a lot of potential if you'd expand it and make more levels, kinda like Suicide Guy style. 

Loved it, great job! 

What i though is gonna be a karting game turned out into much more. Gotta say the story is interesting and will deffinetly play it more to see the outcome. 

The driving itself gives me nightmares back from Mario Kart, a few rages here and there but victories were secured :P 

Good job

Gotta say i enjoyed the game even tho i didn't made any progress :) I saw only after recording that you've disabled the leaning with Q and E. 

Got scared quite a few times :P

Nice game overall, keep it up!

First of all great job on finishing the game in just two weeks, the art of the game is great imo and so is the music. 

I hope eventually you're gonna release an update for the controls, because in my case for some reason when you had the chair and want to slam down it was very unresponsive - if i was pressing more buttons at same time there was no response from time to time. 

Also option to save the game at checkpoint where you came out would be awesome ( if you die as much a s me), and maybe make the flamethrower a bit more powerful.

Other than that really nice game, good luck on your future projects!

Really enjoyed the game, even tho i didn't manage to compose any music that you could actually listen to, but i hope eventually i'll learn all the notes and become the best one man band out on the street!

Great game, looking forward for updates!

Made another video cos i really like the game and want to test out the limits of the weapons, and because audio in previous video was crap!

Also i had a quick idea when i was playing ... any chance we can get a weed whacker? XD 

Was a really fun game to play, the doctor creeped me out a few times cos of his body proportions.

Good job guys!

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Really loved playing the game had a lot of fun with it. Only one thing that kinda "annoyed" me was the limit of how many components can you put on, but everything else was great, really good game!

PS: i'm really sorry about the audio, i ran into some compression issues and i'm already working on a fix :/

Really loved how the game looks, the dolls and the ambience in the game are amazing.

Now i can't wait for Faceless to fully experience this game. Amazing job everyone!

Interesting game i gotta say, didn't expect that kind of ending tho.

Really loved playing the game and can't wait for future updates from it!

It was a nice door sound effect tho :) 

Three projects? Looking forward to see them! And good luck!

Ok you got me guys ... i got scared :/ But not because of a monster or anything like that, oh no no no! It was the damn door when it opened lol

Great short game you've made i have to say and i'm excited to see how will your secret project turn out!

Thank you! Really wish the game would become something bigger, like a 2h adventure.

Good luck on your next project!

This game was a really nice surprise! Great job on the visuals, and the atmosphere.

I really hope you're gonna decide to make this game a full on story, i didn't even realise time passed so fast when i was playing it.

Got recommended a week ago to play this game and give it a try. 

Gotta say i wasn't disappointing, game was weird and bizarre, but i liked it.

Good job!

Congratulations on your first game, enjoyed playing it and it makes me wanna see more from the laziest detective lol.

Good job

Played this game a while back but never actually recorded it. 

Game is really nice rly enjoyed trimming the beards and making new beard styles. 

It's interesting to see if you have a low end PC eyebrows don't show up, but still the gameplay is fun! :D 

It was a nice game even tho i didn't know what i did at the beginning.

Brofist btw got a score of 300 lol

Kinda bizarre game imo but it was a fun to play it. Controls were kinda strange so it reminded me as i was playing QWOP again. I like the fact there are multiple endings possible. 

Fun game tho, good job!

Yw, good luck on your future projects!

Really nice game and concept, would really like to see longer game with more puzzles.

Good job!

Was a nice short game, Satan has been satisfied.

Good job with the game, keep it up!

This game was AWESOME! Really enjoyed the audio and visuals of the game. 

I'm very excited to see more of it, because let's face it ... the game was short but damn it was great! 

Great job keep it up!

No probs :)

Well this game was quite something. Really fun to play, besides the resolution in web browser was small.

Hope you guys make more farting games. 

That was a prty nice game, a bit short for my taste but still it's nice to see live action adaptation in games. 

I ran into a bit of an issue in the end when i've played entire sequence and it played over the end screen. Also i've noticed a bit of blurriness/pixelation on the video when it started playing - the most visible it was on time/date.  

Great game tho, really enjoyed playing it

Definitely one of the cutest games i've played so far, really liked the marshmellow design. Mouse/camera sensitivity seemed a bit high for my taste but other than that he game was great. Keep it up!

I actually didn't though about the mouse acceleration, but after further inspection i've take a look in my Razer Synapse and i have it turned off.

Maybe the mouse was having a bad day lol. Thanx for the game, looking forward for more projects from you!

Really nice game i have to say, but i'm still not sure if the game was causing my mouse to go all bananas - the sensitivity went up a lot -but besides i really enjoyed playing it, the fox even scared  me a few times :) Great job! 

Really enjoyed playing the game, it was really hectic at some point. 

Would definitely like to see a co-op version of it, with maybe some improvements like leaving the saw just laying on ground instead of putting it back, or instantly dropping it when you pick up the patient. Great game tho, keep it up!

Really enjoyed playing the game, it was a nice experience, the ambience was great, it kept me on edge all the time thinking somebody is gonna jump at me. 

Props for the acting in the game! Definitely wanna see you make more 

Really enjoyed this short story, even tho from time to time i don't know if i understood it, but still a very nice story with amazing artstyle. Keep it up i can't wait to see more from you!