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Nice game! A bit short for my taste, but i understand that it was made for a game jam so you were on a time limit.

Great game overall, no complaints, keep it up! :)

Amazing work as usual guys! Really liked the game, very simple. The music and topic for song is very interesting. 

Keep it up guys! 

Loved the game, even tho it wasn't really optimised. But still the story seems interesting.

There are a few down sides to the game as i've mentioned in the game, but i would really love to see it finished! 

Nice and short game, can't wait to see what you'll come up with in part 2.

I wish the Part 2 will be a bit longer, and maybe optimise it a bit more since i had quite a few FPS drops even on low settings. One more thing maybe to add is the actual objectives, because i was very confused what to do or where to go. 

Congrats on winning the gamejam btw! 

I had a blast playing this game even tho i don't have the singing ability. Highly recommend the game if you wanna get some vocal training and if you want to learn how to sing.

Great and very unique game 10/10!

Gotta say the game was great to play and i can't wait for the final release. I got jumpscared a few times since i didn't saw it coming, also the story was rly interesting.

Great job!

This game was amazing! 

There's plenty of room to expand and to add more features like escaping with a car, more detailed car models, easter eggs from the movie etc.

If you do get out of the car straight away when he breaks through the fence he can't rly recognise that you're there, so he has to see you first in order to catch you. 

Also maybe it's just me but i have a feeling his roar should be a bit louder ( not that it isn't terrifying enough lol ).

Can't wait for future updates! 10/10 would play again

Very enjoyable game to play, loved the character design! Screw the peanuts btw 

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Definitely one one the weirdest dates up to date. But the game was great, nice job devs!

This game was great, the artstyle was fantastic! I wasn't quite happy with my ending but i'm excited to find out other endings. Great job! 

Great game again guys, you never disappoint :) I was surprised a bit that you decided to make a first person based game since you make mostly 2D based games, but it turned out great! Keep it up!

Quite liked the game even tho i made barely any progress :) jumpscares were nice, didn't expect them. Does the teacher have a patern or is he walking completely randomised? Great game overall 

Thanks, glad you liked it :) 

I really loved this game, the ambience and background was keeping me tense and creeped out all the time. I can't wait for more of it. BTW i've looked up later after the recording who were the guys you were inspired by and i have to say i really like their artstyle/artwork. 

Absolutely loved the game! No complaints at all about it everything was perfect and right on spot. The perspective was beautiful, something i've never seen in a game. Great job and keep up with the amazing games!

I quite enjoyed playing this game, and i really lied the questions provided, even tho i was wrong in a few cases since i didn't know that labor day is on different day in the states. And ofc a massive thumbs up for the hand drawn artstyle!

Amazing game, i have to say you rly pulled off the pixelated art style, not to mention great atmosphere and music. Can't wait for the full release!

This game was amazing, i wish i'd played it earlier. 10/10 

I really liked the game, but i expected more of ending tbh. Can't wait for more! :)

Very tasty game i have to say, i'd rate 69/10 jacksepticeye's 

Very unique idea i have to say, maybe the people could walk a bit slowly but than again it would take away the challenge, good job!

Interesting game, a bit too "difficult" for my taste but it was a nice challenge chasing all the people :) Good job!

Quite an interesting idea tbh :D Worked out pretty well! 

I can't say how much have i enjoyed playing this game, i can't wait for more rooms to come out! I haven't experienced any game breaking bugs or glitches, only issue i had was there was no audio in game but it got fixed after restarting and going to options.

 Can't wait to see more of this game, keep it up!

Amazing game with A LOT of puns and references. Not to mention the story is awesome - and kinda sad. Great game!

Quite nice game with a great plot twits in the end :P

Before i realised how to actually "properly" play this game it was too late. Couldn't solve the case who was the suspect but damn the game was very fun to play. - sorry all the innocent people killed in bombing.

What a weird riot i have to say. I t was a bit confusing at first but later on i've finally figured out how it works. Some puzzles were a bit weird - specially the hole in a window - but thankfully there's a helpful phone :) Great concept and gave overal

Quite a nice game, some parts were a bit confusing but still a nice game overall :)

10/10 would cut off hand once again to collect all the coins. 

One of the weirdest game i've played in my life but i really liked it :)

So there's been a lot of talk around this game and i've decided to start playing it. So far nothing too weird except Sayori is maby a bit creepy but so far it seem normal.

I really liked the fact we could use our hand like a chameleon's tongue to just snatch groceries off the shelves. Also the physics are just incredible, very fun game to play specially since it was made in 3 days. Good job guys :) 

I was really surprised by the demo version, it was definitely something else and i enjoyed playing it even tho i didn't make it out. Huge plus to the game goes for the live action filming since you don't see those kind of games these days. The ambience was perfectly creepy! Can't wait for future updates of the game! 

No probs i rly enjoyed playing it :)

I really liked the game specially the artstyle and music in the background. Now i'm fully interested when is the game gonna be released, so i can find out what's actually going on with detective and what happened to the couple. Great game overall no complaints :)

This game was absolutely amazing! I rly loved the "Moo-Moo's" but even tho i didn't reach the exit because of all the lobby boys, the game was quite enjoyable! Good job.

This game is amazing! So many possible options and answers that the final result is one hilarious outcome.

Great game nothing to complain about :) 

Good game and very good experience even tho i'd improve a few things.

The music from the start was nice, but at some parts of the game i'm not entirely sure if it was fitting to the mood. Also i'd do some improvements to the resolution itself and maby a font that's more readable ( maby it's just me because i'm not a native english speaker ). But i have to say i'm excited for future episodes :) Good job!

This game was great! The artstyle, music and ambience, everything was great imo.

Keep it up i'm waiting for more parts of it ( hope it's not gonna be "only" 3 episodes )