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I'm actually sad that i've played Chapter 2 so late. Butt tbh it was worth the waiting, the game didn't disapoint at all and it raised some more questions about the future chapters :) 10/10

Chapter 2 was really great imo, the ambience was on stop and the creeps were just right!

10/10 will wait for chapter 3

Definetly the best game of the year 2017 IGN 10/10

Would play it all over again! Good job!

I was kinda sceptical when ppl were telling about this game but finally gave it a go and it was actually funny :)

I can't remember last time i laughed so hard in a game

Great game in my opinion. The teachers were very strict!

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i've downloaded it again and this is the Error it gives me

Unable to load mono library from "C:/Users/Username/Desktop/windows_content/TheresPoopInMySoup2_Data/Mono/mono.dll" (error = 126).

EDIT: i'm running Win10 x64

I tried downloading mono.dll and placing it in the foldr but it gives me more errors

Created a new topic Missing file

There's a missing mono.dll file in windows version.

Great game, but the ending wat weird - i'd need an explanation i guess :)

I can't tell you how much i loved this game, even tho i had a jumpscare so big it almost made my heart stop lol.

I didn't cpmpletely get the ending but i'v read through comments and i cam to a conclusion it's probably best to make your ow opinion on the ending.

Great game

This game was bizzare in all points, but still funny to play

(wouldn't want to trimm those nails irl tho)

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I need moar of this game!!! Waiting for the future updates from this amazing game!

If you enjoyed this kind of a video let me know!

I have to admit this was the most difficult game i've ever played. even tho i didn't achiveve all the endings 1 of 9 was enough ...

Damn this game was fun to play :D Wish there would be a co-op option and more rooms on one floor ( i completed only 2 floors lol )

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Great game in my opinion. I realy liked it can't wait for the full release

PS: you have some copyrighted music inside - the "mariachi" song

you're wellcome it was a pleasure playing the game :)

Ok played teh game and have a few "problems"

1. you can't actually kill the people - or are tehy just OP af?

2. holding space or shift while standing still = fun since oyu can see the animation of running or jumping

3. where's the dynamite?

4. music cuts off at the beach

I understand that it's Demo version of the game

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I did the gameplay and to be honest i was quite surprised by the actual storry. It was creepy most of the time but also funny at moments imo :) good game

Created a new topic Highly recommended!

I've played this game and finnished it.

It has to be one of those games that you just go ... oh wow that ambience and music is amazing!!!

Enjoyed every minute playing it, the puzzles are not that hard to solve but you'll scratch yout head how to solve it.

This game was fantastic with an amazing ending. Had a little glitch but no problems still a great game :)

Just a question to the gamedev. Do you have any social accounts or just the wordpress site?

Created a new topic Gameplay PC Building Simulator

Just made a gameplay and hopefully i did good :)

I'm looking forward for the future updates

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This game literally made me hate bikes for some reason, but i still like the game even tho i bitched too much about the controls. Realism 10/10 VLC cones 1, Me 0