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Special thanks to developer for providing the key. I had really great time playing the game so far, and i've seen the game work in Twitch with the integration and the results are always hilarious!

I noticed at some point the voiceover cut off for a bit, but i bet it's only a small bug and you'll be able to fix it in no time, also speaking of voiceover from Faith, i wish it was bit louder since it gets overpowered by the music, if it was at the same level as the notorious pirate that would be great!

Thanks again guys and keep up the great work.

Took me a while but i've finally did it with Leah!

Really really awesome game! Enjoyed the artstyle and weirdness of the game, kinda wished it was a longer game now that i think of it. Had some great laughs and also wondered at the same time about the story. Great job on the soundtrack too, really enjoyed it!

Great work!

No worries :) Thank you!

Really nice game, enjoyed the animations a lot and the whole artstyle.

One thing that bothered me a bit was running - it felt like running on ice - and the text to speech.

Other than that really nice game!

Really enjoyable game and just creepy enough. Good job!

Glad to see updates are still being put out! Still have to learn all my fight moves if i wanna beat up Frank and others, but still that won't help me from getting kicked out of the party 

So i've decided to play the game and tbh it was really funny! 

The story itself, i'm interested how it's gonna develop, the toilet scene still haunts me :D 

Game was really nice and relaxing, all though i wish there was also music in the game even tho the ambience was nice :)

I wonder what adventures await for the narrator.

Really nice game guys, quite enjoyed it, wasn't expecting the ending tho! 

Reatirement was really nice! And thank you for sharing the video!

Really nice game, not sure about my highscore if it was good enough, loving the physics how they go bananas from time to time

Good job!

So i've played some of the original story. I guess people didn't like me too much

Eating some strange vegan food and getting laid ... Never been more successful in this game lol

I really shouldn't be invited to party ...

Wonderful art as always and the theme was spot on imo.

I've managed to get one ending so far but i'll definitely play it and try to get all of them. The small details like dragging windows around on the PC was a really nice touch 

Great game as always guys with amazing narration and humour, great job!
PS: I was playing the version without the fixes, but still the game was great!


Strange game i have to say, but i didn't mind it, it was weird for sure but message in the end explained it why was the game so weird lol

Good job

Gotta say this game was really fun to play and can't wait for further development. Those little weirdos reminded me a lot of Gang Beasts, probly the funniest thing was looking the lick the air or just throwing themselves all over the place :D 

Great job!

Hey thanks for putting my video in and no i don't mind it at all! :D 

I really really enjoyed playing this game, the details in the van were really nice, the fact that you could interact with every single button and even open up the window was really nice touch.

The story itself was really nice and it brought back some nice memories from the past.

Amazing job so far, can't wait what you come up with next!

Really nice game had some fun playing it, the recoil on some weapons could be a bit lower imo and a bit of a different music when you're in combat. 

But since it's a demo version and not full i know you guys will make some changes to it, fingers crossed your Kickstarter campaign will be a success!

Really liked the creepiness of the game, the atmosphere and the monster were really enjoyable imo.

Only thing that was kinda off was the font imo, since it was hard to read at some points.

But overall really nice game with interesting story

Game had some nice spooks, rly loved the atmosphere and the monster.

The suitcases were a nice touch :)

Good job!

You guys have no idea how excited i was when you announced the Demo, since i was following the game progress ever since i've seen your announcement for it.

It was a really fun experience and disturbing at some parts.

Great job to the entire team at Killmonday studio and can't wait for the full release! 

Thanks for making the game :)

Actually never played Baldi's Basics so i thought i'd play this version of the game since it's been a year when the game was introduced.

Will deff give it another go and try to beat the game :)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! :)

Really nice game, enjoyed playing it, only wish there were more levels :)

Good job!

Nice demo version of the game, loved the creepiness in it.

Good job!

Really fun game, had a lot of fun playing it. I see a lot of potential if you'd expand it and make more levels, kinda like Suicide Guy style. 

Loved it, great job! 

What i though is gonna be a karting game turned out into much more. Gotta say the story is interesting and will deffinetly play it more to see the outcome. 

The driving itself gives me nightmares back from Mario Kart, a few rages here and there but victories were secured :P 

Good job

Gotta say i enjoyed the game even tho i didn't made any progress :) I saw only after recording that you've disabled the leaning with Q and E. 

Got scared quite a few times :P

Nice game overall, keep it up!

First of all great job on finishing the game in just two weeks, the art of the game is great imo and so is the music. 

I hope eventually you're gonna release an update for the controls, because in my case for some reason when you had the chair and want to slam down it was very unresponsive - if i was pressing more buttons at same time there was no response from time to time. 

Also option to save the game at checkpoint where you came out would be awesome ( if you die as much a s me), and maybe make the flamethrower a bit more powerful.

Other than that really nice game, good luck on your future projects!

Really enjoyed the game, even tho i didn't manage to compose any music that you could actually listen to, but i hope eventually i'll learn all the notes and become the best one man band out on the street!

Great game, looking forward for updates!

Made another video cos i really like the game and want to test out the limits of the weapons, and because audio in previous video was crap!

Also i had a quick idea when i was playing ... any chance we can get a weed whacker? XD