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Amazing game with A LOT of puns and references. Not to mention the story is awesome - and kinda sad. Great game!

Quite nice game with a great plot twits in the end :P

Before i realised how to actually "properly" play this game it was too late. Couldn't solve the case who was the suspect but damn the game was very fun to play. - sorry all the innocent people killed in bombing.

What a weird riot i have to say. I t was a bit confusing at first but later on i've finally figured out how it works. Some puzzles were a bit weird - specially the hole in a window - but thankfully there's a helpful phone :) Great concept and gave overal

Quite a nice game, some parts were a bit confusing but still a nice game overall :)

10/10 would cut off hand once again to collect all the coins. 

One of the weirdest game i've played in my life but i really liked it :)

So there's been a lot of talk around this game and i've decided to start playing it. So far nothing too weird except Sayori is maby a bit creepy but so far it seem normal.

I really liked the fact we could use our hand like a chameleon's tongue to just snatch groceries off the shelves. Also the physics are just incredible, very fun game to play specially since it was made in 3 days. Good job guys :) 

I was really surprised by the demo version, it was definitely something else and i enjoyed playing it even tho i didn't make it out. Huge plus to the game goes for the live action filming since you don't see those kind of games these days. The ambience was perfectly creepy! Can't wait for future updates of the game! 

No probs i rly enjoyed playing it :)

I really liked the game specially the artstyle and music in the background. Now i'm fully interested when is the game gonna be released, so i can find out what's actually going on with detective and what happened to the couple. Great game overall no complaints :)

This game was absolutely amazing! I rly loved the "Moo-Moo's" but even tho i didn't reach the exit because of all the lobby boys, the game was quite enjoyable! Good job.

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This game is amazing! So many possible options and answers that the final result is one hilarious outcome.

Great game nothing to complain about :) 

Good game and very good experience even tho i'd improve a few things.

The music from the start was nice, but at some parts of the game i'm not entirely sure if it was fitting to the mood. Also i'd do some improvements to the resolution itself and maby a font that's more readable ( maby it's just me because i'm not a native english speaker ). But i have to say i'm excited for future episodes :) Good job!

This game was great! The artstyle, music and ambience, everything was great imo.

Keep it up i'm waiting for more parts of it ( hope it's not gonna be "only" 3 episodes )

Nice game. I liked the graphics and the idea behind the game but i think it would be a lot better if you'd update it and make a few changes - maby music since it's a "rock" shop, a tutorial level.

Well i have to admit that i'd need some explanation what i've just played :D

Overall the ambience and the music was nice specially towards the end.

This was absolutely the most beautiful horror game in my opinion. In general i'm not a big fan of horror games but i have to say, you've won my heart with this one, enev toh there were some "bugs",

and thigs i'd remove. For example i don't know if the save game was glitched out or did you intend it to be only 3 save slots? At some parts the character is saying their text twice - not a big deal i'm just pointing it out.

But besides these little bugs and few grammatical errors the game was unbelivable imo. 
I can't wait for the game to be fully released. 

I have no words for this game since it leave me speechless. This was definitely the bes graphical novel i've played so far. The story itself was amazing and so was the soundtrack.  Great game 5/5

I have to say that this game was quite powerful. I didn't play it all the way since i've got only 2 endings but they were amazing! And not to mention artstyle which was one of the reasons i've downloaded the game, the music with it was one of the better soundtracks imo. Amazing game overall. 5/5

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Definitely one of the funniest games i've played recently, i'd add some music in the background or some ambient noises, but it's ok. 

Hey i'm looking forward for those future updates!

I'm glad that you've enjoyed the video :)

Great gave you've made in 72 hours! I wish there was next part of the game where we find out just what has happened to the employee :)

This game was incredibly scary! The fact that we've just dug up the carrots and scrub them without washing is just too much to handle. One of the best scary games i've ever played! 69/10

The game was quite nice to be honest, i wish there was an option of telling you what kind of ending did you get in the end tho but that's all. Overall a nice game can't complain about anything :)

Quite nice game even tho it was a bit short - but that's ok.  The story was good and so was the music. The old nostalgic sound effects were very nice and brought back some memories. Also thumbs up for the ending credits :)

I really liked the game and whole artstyle of the game, the music was on spot can't complain about that.

And since it's a preview i knew there are gonna bit a bit of "hickups". Personally i'd do some improvements on the text - speed mostly. Also the thing that really bothered me somehow, was the fact that when i examined and item or an object if i clicked on the text it didn't disappear but it interacted with item/object in the back of the text if it was there. Also i'd consider lowering the reaction time, i think i've struggled for about 15 minutes with the aunty at the beginning. 
But otherwise a good game can't complain about it. Can't wait for the future progress :)

No probs, i enjoyed playing the game :)

It was a good game, i might play it more to see the outcome of all the endings. Not sure what was up with grammar in the end tho and same goes for music since it disappeared towards the end :) Art style was on spot nothing to complain about. 

Finished the game and oh boy was i in shock with the ending O_O can't wait for the next episode to be released!

Episode 2 kept up with the creeps and the mystery behind murders. I liked it a lot. 

Now i want more!!!

I was expecting more endings to be honest, but still it was a fun game with a glimpse of Pewdiepie's life lol 

Nice game with great atmosphere and the puzzles were very nice, nothing too difficult imo :)

This game was really damn good and now i know why it got so many rewards around the globe.
Although i was "shocked" that it ended in that way :)
I had a little "bug" i think where the woman jsut dissapeared after the final act, you were able to see the bubbles around her but not her.
Please finish the game as fast as possible i need more of it!!!

This was a great game, the story reminded me a lot of The Thing from time to time. The story and the graphics were amazing.  I can't wait for the full release! 

I had a lot of fun playing this even tho my narration wasn't so good.
I gave my best to add the appropriate music and sound effects to give the game that space feeling.

Hope you'll enjoy the gameplay :)

Amazing game with a great plot twist in the end! Can't wait for next episodes.

As i've mentioned in the video i'd wish the audio setting would work ( don't know why they didn't in my case ). The story was great, not to mention the humor. Great game overall! 5/5 

You're welcome :)

I didn't know it was made for a game jam but it's very good even tho there are only 9 levels.

Short game but very fun to play. Wish there were more levels :)