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Wings review!

A topic by UnsealedWings created 79 days ago Views: 42 Replies: 1
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After having played this game for about 3 hours, I can honestly say, I've done EVERYTHING haha. The atmosphere was pretty nailed to the floor, the gameplay (As the first game)  was smooth and very responsive and running from the killer was incredibly easy with a skilled player behind the wheel, Not to say he can't kill ya with a slip up 😉. The brightness of the game was better than the first, As it felt a little too dark whereis, this game, I could see better. The flashlight seemed to had seen improvements as well. The objective items were A LOT easier to find this time around, However "Midnight Mode" Seemed to bridge the gap in Difficulty. The story is pretty cool and seems to be coming along nicely with this 2nd entry, I'm curious where it will go next. The only issue i have with intentional design is the Pinpoint accuracy needed to grab items. While difficult, it is still Doable to grab an item while being chased, however it is frustrating to say the least. I experienced a number of bugs while playing, all are present in my video to help with fixes and patches. But all in all the game was an improvement over the first and was really great. I give it an astounding 9/10. Can't wait to see what's next! Btw! Fuck you and your door code! Lmao 😂😂🤣Still found it though....


Thanks for the very insightful (and thorough) playthrough, Wings. We'll be taking notes when we watch, for sure! This will definitely help with patches, so much appreciated! And congrats on finding everything.