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[Unity] [Paid] Looking to make a RPG game

A topic by tob scotch created Dec 05, 2018 Views: 305 Replies: 13
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I am looking to make a RPG game. that is quite basic. I had someone work on the project before who was using HTML5 but am currently thinking Unity would be a better choice. 

The game is 1st step in game design. but I would like to further expand on the project starting with something like a demo and seeing where to take the game from that.  all of the art assets are finished for the game. (noting much ;) but there is the expanding part) and I am looking for people to join me project. 

Do you need a developer?

Yes. was this not clear in OP? 

It is clear, I was just asking whether the position was filled already.

Not yet. there was a previous programer who was working on the game who quit leaving the whole thing needing to be rebuilt.

Do you need a Game Designer?


The basic outline has been completed. however, I am looking to expand into more then just the demo game.

if you need my help just tell me and I will leave here my contact details

Send me a PM or whatever. 

there is no pm functionalities harbrus#7402 on discord :D

Hey, i've used unity a fair bit and am interested in your project. Is the project in 2d? If so hit me up.

Yes. the game is a 2D RPG game. 


I am Ashley from Red Apple Technologies.  Are you looking for a game developer ? I have an awesome team which could help you. Recently, we have worked for clients like Disney, fox, Government. Could you pls DM your email or drop a mail here - to discuss?

Ok, This seems a bit much for what is a basic game. My email is anyone can contact me.