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Are some of the backgrounds in part 2 AI generated?

A topic by cleofate created Feb 09, 2024 Views: 1,683 Replies: 8
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Noticed this as I was playing. They seem like such a major stylistic departure (and clash for that matter) and I was able to pick out some oddities. I'd like to be wrong but if I'm right that's definitely a bit disappointing. Would've at least like that to be stated somewhere on the store page

I mean even beyond the discourse or whatever they just look a bit jarring


Yes, to save time I use some ai for backgrounds. Which ones seemed the most jarring to you??


that's incredibly disappointing


Im gradually getting the ai ones redone


You should probably mention that somewhere on the store page, as some people will feel as if they've been deceived, or outright disappointed if they found that out while playing the game.


All of them, hits you like a slap in the face. Not just backgrounds, but all the story/quest non-porn CGs... it's really visible and honestly pretty disappointing coming from a dev who has been around for a long time


I'm gradually working on getting  the obvious ones redone - without using a bit of ai though the overall dev progress would be much slower


I don't know what time or money constraint you're working with, development being slower without AI means little to me, the parts of the game that use AI right now are purely detrimental to the game, so I don't see the point of development being faster if its to end up with a significantly worse product

Regardless, a disclaimer that the current build of the game uses AI would have been much appreciated, ultimately that is where the root of the problem is, being upfront about it would have caused a lot fewer headaches for everyone involved


Dude...who cares if they were. It's not like anyone lost their job because A.I was generated to create the background. This isn't a case of a studio that decided to fire a bunch of artists because they thought they could save money by using A.I. This is one guy, who works for himself, to make a project. Would you be as upset if he, I don't know, for example, used a more advanced tablet to create the background instead? I understand why seeing "A.I" makes people mad, but know that not every situation that involves A.I, is the same, so let's try and differentiate each situation before get mad at all of them, as if they were the same.