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A member registered Jun 03, 2023

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its not abandoned, its finished

oh yeah, if dodge costed 50% or more stamina, that would help a lot

firstly, gameplay feels much better with the lower delay, excellent job.

next, i've played a few versions of this now, and i think the biggest issue ive found is, its just too easy. to play it with the actual intent to win, you wouldn't get a single h-scene. enemies need to be a bit more aggressive, or when you get knocked down, prioritize getting close and grabbing. Although, some enemies grab attacks, like the vioreaper don't actually hit you when you're down.

and lastly, charger animation when?

that's incredibly disappointing

how do you use the xray? i see the thing on the left but i cant click it

seems if you get the "client will only pay so much" prompt, even if you accept the happy ending doesnt proc

looks like theyre not in this version, probably in the next with the next batch of lewd cards