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firstly, gameplay feels much better with the lower delay, excellent job.

next, i've played a few versions of this now, and i think the biggest issue ive found is, its just too easy. to play it with the actual intent to win, you wouldn't get a single h-scene. enemies need to be a bit more aggressive, or when you get knocked down, prioritize getting close and grabbing. Although, some enemies grab attacks, like the vioreaper don't actually hit you when you're down.

and lastly, charger animation when?

Glad the faster input feels better :D.  

I completely agree with the difficulty statements.  Currently with the sandbox type gameplay you run into a bunch of enemies that you normally wouldn't encounter until later in the game, so we have to tune it toward the easy side.  Another cause is Onyx's dodge is overpowered currently, especially since some enemies weren't originally designed for Onyx to have that sort of mobility and need some buffs.  We'll be increasing the stamina cost of dodge in an upcoming release so it has to be used more strategically.  

Charger animation is coming :D, we've been working on a few different prototypes o.o

oh yeah, if dodge costed 50% or more stamina, that would help a lot