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Hello - some dragon action will definitely take place at some point in this game. I'm building up to it

I added another Android version to the downloads for EC1 (latest APIs). Let me know if it works. 

Ah, I think I would need to re-export the game in a later version of Unity. 
Hmmmm... I'll try doing it later today and reupload the new version once I've done

For 'Keen' or 'Princess' character:

Save her from the guy => Happiness ending Don't save her from the guy => Accept her => Acceptance ending Don't save her from the guy => Reject her => Retribution ending

For 'Dispirited' or 'Timid' character:

Go to cliffs => Say you love her => Be kind to her => Happiness ending Fail to find her, or make her run away again => Forgive her => Forgiveness ending Fail to find her, or make her run away again => Don't forgive => Punishment ending You can't really 'unlock' them. I only gave three save slots so I guess you can just skip to the ending part using the cheat, then play whichever ending you want from there.

Does this work?? 

Oh, right sorry. 

Similar kind of differences. 
Slave Of Passion has more tears, more whip marks and in some places the dialogue is a bit more raunchy 

Not that different so far. 

Difference on Untamed 
- Tears option available on some sex scenes. 
- Slightly more risqué dialogue during Priestess quest
- More visible whip marks in punishment room 
- Maybe some other small adjustments I cant remember right now. 

I will be adding more differences as the game develops, but so far there is no major difference between the two games

Is your PC 32 bit? 
If so you have to upgrade to 64 bit

Can you try it on Chrome??

Hello- im not entirely sure myself. Maybe here??

The exe version of the Flash games should just run without you having to install anything though

It works on Chrome browser for me. Did you try that? 
Also the game may not work if you have a 32bit machine - you need a 64 bit one

Hello, you cant download it on Itch at the moment. Maybe I will make it downloadable eventually, i have not decided yet.

Atm you can download it if you become a $3 supporter on Patreon

Thanks - yeah, I have the tools and structure ready, so reallly I just make art and stories, and dont have to worry too much about mechanics at this point 

Past the boobs and ahegaos, yes that's what I was aiming for!

Sorry! Sounds like your screen is not wide enough for the game - I made the game with approx widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio in mind. Most laptops and usual width monitors should be able to play the game no problem

It may be antivirus blocking the game. Disable temporarily your antivirus and try again

CCleaner causes the issue you stated above

'Flash Games Bundle' on my main itch page

Ah, I didnt actually build it specifically for android. 
You can just skip that part when you fail 3 times

Maybe, gotta finish off this one first which will take a while


thanks ^^

once development is finished maybe - I'm not sure if I'll make it 100% public still. We shall see. 

This game still has many months of development left to complete so I won't be deciding just yet

No prob ^-^

I will die but the spirit of the Slave Lord will live on  

Hello, sorry the Android version is only available for Patreons at the moment - I will probably make a public version for Android when development is complete


Hello, thanks. Glad you like my work. 

No plans for part 3 of EC, but I am making Realms Of Bondage atm which is set in the same universe. Story is only loosely connected to EC and EC 2 though

Hey there, glad to hear you like my work; 
Most of the music for EC1 and 2 are from here:

Fixed - thanks for telling me. 
File size was too big for so I reduced the quality of some of the images for this version

Try this: 

Gotya, will review the dialogue some time and look out for pronoun mistakes!

People should refer to you as female if you pick Futa.... Which scene is does it refer to you as a guy??

With the catgirls?

You just have to place the traps and the girls show up randomly. I think its something like 1 in 10 chance to get the rarest one. 

Which planet is that???

Sure, Im not on there much myself but here's an invite;

The order in which the games were developed was - SLOG, EC1, EC2, Realms of bondage

Although I never gave much thought to it, I suppose the order in the universe should be, EC1, EC2, Realms of Bondage, SLOG

Happy to hear that!

Not really sure. I unzip with winRar usually. 

You could try disabling any antivirus apps before you try to open it

Is that on Mac? 
Is does not contain any viruses - it's just apple not liking people to download unofficial apps