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There's an unlockable BJ scene with Justice in the bedroom. You just have to sleep with her 3 (I think) times

Oh yeah, the web version is a couple of versions behind

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Hi, latest versions of Ec 1&2 and RoB are all on this site!!

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Yes, there is! 
I think there are 2 scenes dedicated almost entirely to spanking asses, with options to spank with paddle, bamboo crop or palm of your hand. These are animated. 

There are also several scenes in which you can spank the character as an option. There are also 2 foot-spanking scenes (I think it's 2 at least)

The holy Elf - is that Maria (Realms of Bondage) - you're referring to?? 
If so, I basically just reused some of the art for RoB and updated the character a bit. I didn't really think much about it. 

As for the witch. Yes, in EC1 and 2 she was a different character from Zaria in RoB. They are not related. 

Sure, there will be a little more story for RoB - maybe some backstory or side quest. Probably later this year, in the winter sometime :)

Thanks for the kind words - hope you enjoy the game!

Sorry, I don't have plans to translate this into Chinese right now, but perhaps in the future sometime.

no prob :)

I just updated the game yesturday. Ravora should be able to reach max level now. If it's not working it may be a bug caused by a previous save file.
To fix this you can use the cheat to skip to close to your current progress.

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For the quest with the piano, you don't have to do the piano part- you can just skip it and input the code; Waves, Pen, Hourglass

Hey, glad to hear you liked the game. Estelle's guide is here;

though it should be relatively easy to pass the trails , as long as you ask Zaria what is coming next week 

What is the problem exactly??

I'm gradually working on getting  the obvious ones redone - without using a bit of ai though the overall dev progress would be much slower

Im gradually getting the ai ones redone

Hi, game just updated - I added a minotaur in this one so theres something close to what you mentioned above. 

Hi, I think it's this track: 

hello, yeah since it's currently on the Steam store I decided to sell it here also. I also added a little extra content to differentiate it from the previous versions. 

Just updated with a new Android build. Download the one for the latest phones.

Yes, to save time I use some ai for backgrounds. Which ones seemed the most jarring to you??

Ah, yeah this one was made in an earlier version of Unity that only supports older phones. I don't have the time to go fixing it right now, but I'll put it on my list of things to do eventually. 

Hi, the game was never built for IOS. It should work on a regular mac

Sure, I'm working consistently but making sure not to over-do it. 

Been to Phillipines before! Great experience- Everyone's so relaxed over there  - people seem to have a good work/life balance

Thanks - happy to hear you like my work :)

Hmmm may be a bug?? 
Did you make sure to make her cum by licking, and touching also??

Does this work?

I tried but it didn't get the green light unfortunately. I think some of the characters didn't have big enough boobs, so Steam said no. 

You can get it on here though.

Hi, the track seems to have been removed, though I originally found it on the public domain. Someone else used the same track here: 

Is this the one you meant?

I'd only lower it for the Android version, since the screen is smaller you shouldn't need as high res as PC ver

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Thanks for the review! 
I will remove the energy limits in RoB, and I like the idea of her getting increasingly dirty/tired if she goes too long without sleep. 
I may add that with Ravora eventually

Also, I am not sure how big the game will get for mobile, though I think I can reduce the size a little by lowering the resolution of the images on Android version 

I bought some sfx packs from DL site and Gumroad, and edited those

It should be as simple as clicking on her when she is lying down. It sounds like there is a problem with the save, so try using the cheat

At the moment Ravora's part goes up to stage/round 5. You have to progress Zaria's quests too in order to rank up Ravora.

For people having trouble opening the game on a Mac, try this-

If you're still having problems with the Mac versiontry using this to unzip the game;

I'm not on there much though

Hello, I made one small update several months back, but made it only available to subscribers on Patreon. I may put it here one day, but no plans at the moment.

It has to go WESN

Recently I've been having trouble with the Android builds for some reason - I'm still working on a fix. Apologies for the delay. 

Ah, sorry yeah, having some trouble for the Android builds at the moment. It only seems to work on older phones atm. I'm still working on a fix. 
I think I'll take the Android version down until I've got it sorted out. Sorry about that. 

Yeah, I helped out with some of that

Yes, there are downloadable versions of my games there, including this one