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Niplheim's Hunter - Branded Azel

Erotic RPG. Hunt monsters and search for the Black Demon Beast. · By HappyHand

FAQ Sticky

A topic by HappyHand created Dec 03, 2018 Views: 10,207 Replies: 13
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Feel free to ask any questions you have in here!
You can also make a new thread for your question(s) if you want, I will check all threads.


Wane is the game coming out and how much is it  going to be   


The game is available and it costs 19.99$, there should be a  Buy Now section at the top & bottom of the product page which you can use to buy the game, here's the product page:

Here's the purchase page in case the Buy Now link/section isn't displaying for you for some reason:


Thank you for that ? put do you know when it  will come to steam 


Oh you meant Steam, currently I have no idea when  the game will be available on Steam. It could be next month or next  decade, I will make an announcement in Steam when I know for sure. The price will be the same as in, 19.99$ and the first week will have have a 30% off launch discount making the game cost 13.99$ during that time. Sorry I didn't realize you meant Steam the first time!


That ok it was me not you sorry for that  


The game will be out in Steam next Monday!


you could update the data on your page, it gives you the link to buy games on this page and on steam but not manga gamer, also beign a little more active on twitter wouldnt hurt


Oh my homepage, yeah I forgot it even existed, I've been too busy with Steam and Christmas. Thank you very much for reminding me, I'll fix it right away!

And yeah, I wish I had more time for twitter and other social platforms, I'll try to at least update my avatar/icon on all sites as soon as I can, but otherwise I just don't have time for twitter  and such. Thank you for the suggestion though, I really appreciate it and I'll see if I can make more time for twitter !


Hi ! Are there a "pure route" ? Or it's not possible to keep everything at 0 ?


Hello! There is no pure route, it's impossible to keep everything at 0.

Hi I'm very interested by the game but I'm on mac? So my question is coming.

Are you planning to make a mac version? Thanks for the reply and sorry for my english

the game was pulled from steam, I noticed when it dissappeared from my wishlist, any reason why?

So I really regret not grabbing the game on steam when I had the chance.  I was curious, if I buy on here, can I still get the steam key and play it on there?  Because if I get the game, I want it to be hidden in my steam library so that no one will see it.  I hope that did not offend, but as you can imagine, I would like to keep games hidden from friends or family.