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Lone Wolf115

A member registered Jul 28, 2021

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Will this Downloadable at some point or no?

Download when?

i do like this game i will love to see it grow keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

ok no worries was just curious about it, and your welcome. Kincaid is an awesome game and will love even more and every bit of content that comes along. 

Hey was able to play it this time around and I love it hope for sound plus boob physics need a little touch up, moving from one side of the screen to the other very quickly, and her boobs chasing her a little weird just saying, but yeah great game so far keep up the great work and take care.

ok. basically just walking back and forth but not actually moving from the spot you're standing in. 

Sorry if this was asked before, but is there a schedule for releases or they come out when they come out? Also love the game Cookie and Null you are both amazing, take care of yourselves. 

You're welcome. For some reason when I downloaded this version the MC keeps rubber banding basically just keeps looking back and forth, could just be my computer not sure. Her name is Amber or something else?

Weird because I usually expect 1.0.0 or something like that but if it works for you then that's all that matters. Quick question: is this game engine hard to work with?, RPG maker right? 

ok thanks. but why is part one at 0.65?

this game is awesome love it keep up the great work and take care.

where can i find the 1st one fully complete for free?

when I load saves in the middle of scene it doesn't load all the way, also can't talk to zenith black screen.

Awesome thanks.

I love this a lot btw I love the music in the club wish I could listen to it as an ordinary mp3 file.

It's a really good game and that title screen music/song is good and it's a little funny.

I'd love to but I have no real internet this is from my phone data.

when will that update be because I'm having the same problem. It looks really good btw.

Ah so better customization.

The song itself is creepy. Will the thing that will be added can it be injured with the right equipment?

Ah so better customization.

The song itself is creepy. Will the thing that will be added can it be injured with the right equipment?

Because they look slightly janky? Your welcome I read the read me file and I understand that development will be slow again I do love it. when you die in game the "its coming" scares me, just what is coming? Take care of yourself.

When will there be a female protagonist option? Love it btw.

Your welcome, and take care of yourself.

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Ok, again it looks good and take care of yourself.

If you had to put a rough estimate on when it will be done. When would that be? Not that I'd expect it to be done by that time. Also I haven't played it yet but from the preview pictures I love it.

Ok, it looks really good btw way.

Will there be a free version or no?


Cookiecraggy mentioned that she would be in this game. Will she show up again in the game?

Mmh Sexy wolf. I haven't played this yet. I want to know what is Arma? race etc.

The description for the crack chip says "a reward for finishing the game" it can't be reward if you can't beat the game without playing on the hardest difficulty so it's not a reward. It's just stupid in my opinion.

Could you make a guide and make it beatable on easy? Give us crack chips, for easy difficulty it's a pain in the ass. It's a great game it is similar to resident evil with the inventory menu.

I will keep an eye out for it. I could imagine a monster helping the knights because the foul magic has messed with his or her way of life.

(Cough) Werewolf (Cough)

It's very nice game I love it. Take care of yourself.

This game is really cool tho the fact that William got captured made me sad.

This game has changed so much its but that has only made it better. Honestly this is one of my all time favorites out of every type and style of adult/NSFW games.

Cookiedraggy, you and your team have made a fantastic game and it will only improve. Take care of yourself and the same for your team.

Is this the public version as well?

What about a free version? Besides the demo.

It's a great game I'll love to see it grow.

Keep up the great work and take care of yourself.