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Lone Wolf115

A member registered Jul 28, 2021

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Ok I actually have done this before I thought I had to do something else completely. My bad just to much going on personally, and a few specific things bothering me.

Not saying this in a rude way: but I'd do that if I knew how and I don't.

i got the recent public release and got this message.

I'm guess male protagonist. What about Furlorn aren't you going to strain yourself making two games at once?

I'm on windows specifically. What about you?

feels like it's been a while since a public update/version still love the game just feels stagnant for public I'm in the discord so I see the updates there and here just haven't seen the version change since 2021 hotfix2 which is the name of the file/version.

I downloaded the latest version and it just keeps sitting on the screen that says the title of the game and it doesn't go to the main menu.

So when I download this the game has an option to stretch it to fit and it's on by default because turning it off means you can't see anything and with it being stretched makes it hard to read anything and it prevents me from wanting to continue playing and considering I'd like to read and have the game not run slow. There's obviously got to be a reason that the dev decided to have stretched by default but there's also got to be a reason why the game shouldn't need to be stretched. It just makes it hard to do anything the game looks great but it's hindered by the stretch to fit I feel like it doesn't need to be stretched at all since I am forced to choose between not being able to read or not being able to see anything if I turn off the stretch options I'm not gonna continue with this hoping that this can be fixed. This went on longer than it should have but it's such a problem for me and if anyone else can work around it good for them.

tbh this looks amazing I love the way this is going right now I wish the dev best of luck on the development on this.

I wander why I haven't come across this before this looks great can't wait to try it out. I wish you best of luck in developing this again looks great.

ok thanks that helps a lot I can put it together despite not understanding your native language. Thank you for the help.

so I've been looking over and over again for what you said so I'm most likely not understanding it or just not seeing it unless "Target" is the same thing if not I'm not seeing it so I'm having a hard time getting it to work also I'm not understanding what you mean by "Add at the end of "Object" text filed this: --rendering-driver opengl3" or where to find it despite opening properties.

thank you for helping me. Games looks good.

So if I try to play it I get something about a OpenGL 3 Driver.

Just tried to download it and says the file isn't there.

yeah I just dealt with her. What about the hypno for Alissa? I know where to go.I should've worded it better 

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Same much better, at some point hopefully the dev gets around to changing the screenshots and the cover at the top of the page.

Thanks Indivi. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

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Where do I find Camilla, and how do I find out about her hypno? I know where it is to do it.

Love this but gotta pay for the final I understand why.

Nice love how the game is coming along, my biggest problem is trying to keep up with the most recent version because i check very often to see if there's a new one. Anyway love the game and again best wishes.

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so a couple of questions.

1 how do I get to the temple in the forest park?

2 what is plus size (see it says something about the belly Being larger) and how do I see a scene with it in.

3 where can I use the auto toys the dildo and sleeve?

also need a little help with Alissa and Cassie stuff because I can't remember where I left off with it.

Thanks in advance.

So the recent version for me runs very slow, but if I play a earlier version like 0.10 it runs very smoothly, it's very annoying and I'm not sure why the recent version runs this way for me it could be my laptop but I'm not sure, I do love the game and I'd like to be able to enjoy the newer versions.

Well to me you got the hang of it I think the more you work on it you'll get it trial and error right.

Things don't always go as planned don't beat yourself up about it I'm patient I can wait anyone who can't will have to deal with it anyway. Anyway I wish you and your team the best and hope development continues as planned from now on and if doesn't than I hope the schedule you have for development holds up from time to time. Again I wish everyone the best.

Slow and steady, hey you're still going strong, I know that it's going to be slow going for development but it's only going to get better from here. I wish I knew how to do something like this, anyway looks great even if it's a small or maybe big update idk but it looks like it's gonna be great. After the debt gets paid off will the ability to play after paying the debt be a thing or will it end there along the ending?

Hope you continue to do well I wish you the best. I love the game and the the work put into it is great. One question where does the main character originate from? I think I looked it up but can't remember.

For some reason the dialogue gets all messed up before or at the first fight and I can't read anything. 

you're welcome. Again love the game.

This is a very nice game I love it I hope to see it to the final version. Take care of yourself and pace and take a break if you need to, I wish you well in development of the and in life.

Will this Downloadable at some point or no?

Download when?

i do like this game i will love to see it grow keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

ok no worries was just curious about it, and your welcome. Kincaid is an awesome game and will love even more and every bit of content that comes along. 

Hey was able to play it this time around and I love it hope for sound plus boob physics need a little touch up, moving from one side of the screen to the other very quickly, and her boobs chasing her a little weird just saying, but yeah great game so far keep up the great work and take care.

ok. basically just walking back and forth but not actually moving from the spot you're standing in. 

Sorry if this was asked before, but is there a schedule for releases or they come out when they come out? Also love the game Cookie and Null you are both amazing, take care of yourselves. 

You're welcome. For some reason when I downloaded this version the MC keeps rubber banding basically just keeps looking back and forth, could just be my computer not sure. Her name is Amber or something else?

Weird because I usually expect 1.0.0 or something like that but if it works for you then that's all that matters. Quick question: is this game engine hard to work with?, RPG maker right? 

ok thanks. but why is part one at 0.65?