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Hey,  just wanted to check in and tell you to take your time, and to take care of yourself! <3

This is so good!! I can't wait for more updates!! :D

Damn this is amazing!

I want that hat.

Good luck to your future!

wtf how did I not see this until now!?

Looking forward to it! :D

Just double checking, but do you need to pay money to play 1.03? It says 2$ on my screen.

" 'IF' you progress through Max's Afternoon" HAHAHA of course I will!! :3

Yaay! Thank you! XD

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Cute game! But how do you get three Ra hearts? :x

Can't wait!!!

But like...we can date No-Eyes right? o3o

This is great! Can't wait for the whole thing!

So excited to play this! :D

I read the most recent version from your patreon, and I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

 However, I should mention that the game has some grammatical errors here and there. 

*applause* Take your time. Stay healthy mentally and physically. :)

I'm so happy I can romance the skeleton! C:

uuh, which Alon hint is the one you're referring to?

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I like the game so far, but I do have some, uh, possible criticism???

1) Max seems willing to hang out and talk with Alon, but then instantly goes off when he's in the bath. If just feels a little too out of character. 

2) I don't think using the word "retarded" is a good choice. It can be seen as offensive/insensitive to those who are actually mentally retarded. If the protag is really someone who would use language like that, I think the reader should experience that type of attitude/language earlier on. But of course, this is the demo, and it's a demo of the start of the game to boot. So...*shrug*

3) Wouldn't it make more sense for Luke to be a little more lenient towards Teak during the conversation with Burry if they chose the "arm wrestle" choice? Teak did cry over them and  gave them mouth to mouth after all.

I hope this makes sense!

Eeeeeh, I won't be TOO specific, but here: during the bomb scene, in the area with the guardian, and in the room only you can enter. >_> I guarantee you can find them! Well, the second one may be a little weird, so just remember RED for that part.

I'm lovin' everything you've done with this game...but...could we possibly...have an Eric route? //uwu//

*clutches chest* My heart! I can't handle it! 

How do you expect me to choose just one!?!?

OML I just finished reading all of routes and I'm so hooked! I have to admit that Koshiro is my favorite route so far. I wanna punch everyone in the face for hurting my boy!!

ooh fantastic! :D Ty for informing me! ^-^

oooOOh my gosh this made me feel so many emotions. PLEASE tell me there are discussions about a sequel or DLC content going on?? :((