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Hugs and kisses back at you! 

So glad that you guys are also fans of Infinite Stars! :D

Alright, thank you!

I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish I could help you all somehow, but for now take my virtual hugs! *hugs*

Can't wait to see more! ^o^

Would you rate your game as 18+? (I haven't played it yet)

This game was fun to play, and I liked the puzzles and the twists and turns! 

Though, one small critique I have is that there are some spelling errors. I've never made games or coded before but if you want, I could fix them for free! :)

Super glad you guys are back! Thanks for keeping on keeping on!

Would you say this game has an epilepsy warning?


A nice little p&c game~!

But there is one bug where sometimes if you move an item, some squares will be red, so you can't place another item there.

Whenever I get to dialogue options I get an error msg, but I can still click and choose whatever I want.

This game is good! But it does have some English grammatical errors.

I'm so glad to see an update on this game! \^o^/

Omg you did such a good job with this game!!

There are some problems though: there are some grammatical errors, and the dialogue doesn't always match the voice acting, though I'm not sure if that last one is intentional.

Short and sweet! I really enjoyed it! I wish Perle was more integrated somehow, lol; she would've been a fun companion! ^-^

There is one little bug though, sometimes when you backtrack the dialogue, the music stops and won't start again.

When you say this world is more adult, do you mean this game is meant for adults?

O!M!G! Cannot wait!!

First off, I love the demo and can't wait for the main game! But, I also noticed some minor bugs:

1) In the route where you don't romance either Keith or Tenebris, Tenebris still says "You said you liked me. You won't mind me staying for a bit, do you? I would've bought you something but there was no time." -- obviously I did not say that I liked him.

2) I don't remember if this happens for all the times you click on the option "What kind of sweets?", but Tenebris' sprite disappears for a couple of scenes.

Finally, as much as I like the font on the comment section, it can be a little difficult for me to read, so would it be okay if you changed it? 

That's all, thanks for reading! <3

Ah ok! Thank you for the clarification!

I see, thank you for the clarification!

By "dubious consent", are you referring sex or something else?

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By "dubious consent", are you referring to sex or something else?

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Do you ever plan on translating this little gem into different langauges? :3

How many players do you recommend for this game? Or is it solo?

I like the lore images! :3

Yoo just finished reading this earlier this week! Nice timing! ^o^

Thank you guys for everything you do! This game is awesome! (*cough* can't wait for After Dark *cough*)

Are the final hearts with the characters implemented into the game?

I'm glad that Dobby is okay! :)

*gives you hugs* you can do it, pal! <3

Ohoh I found out what I did wrong lol. Ty!

Hello! I need some help. I've done all the endings on everyone, but Momotarou is still locked. Any ideas?

Heck yes! Thanks bro!!

ooh okay, thank you!

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Is there actually a good ending for the merman?

When you mention a "convincing romance storyline" underneath the Mature Narrative section, does this mean that there will be explicit content?

The followed the Withdrawl ending according to the walkthrough, but it didn't work. Was it changed or is there a mistake?