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Dashing Jerry - 2-4 player dashing party with emotional squares

A topic by Victor Selnæs Breum created Aug 09, 2016 Views: 177
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Hey itch! My friends and I just released our local multiplayer game Dashing Jerry.

Play it here:

While making it, we had some basic design goals in mind. I wrote some reflections about those and made a lot of gifs for the game here:

I really like the abundance of local multiplayer games on itch and I've had some great nights playing random ones with friends. I'm happy to add ours to that pool! I've made builds for web, windows, mac and linux, so that everyone can play - if they have controllers :| but that's a design decision, since the game simply couldn't function on keyboard.

If someone could help me test the linux build, that would be awesome!

Let us know if you play the game :) We think it's really fun!