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Exodemon Devlog

A topic by kuupu created Aug 09, 2016 Views: 393 Replies: 3
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Hey people!

This is the first real update since we started the Greenlight campaign, hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚
I'll change the main download links on the description as well.

Exodemon 0.3.8 Changelog -

Now using Unity 5.4

Graphic changes

  • Custom mouse cursor
  • Camera effects adjustment
  • Adjustment on the teleport flashing animation
  • Adjustment in the explosion graphic effect
  • Launcher graphics (banner)
  • Kuupu splash screen
  • Temporary game icon
  • New flare effect on orbs (ammo and health)
  • General graphic corrections (texture, lights, etc)

Mechanical changes

  • New enemy - "Jumper"
  • New position for enemy's spawn points
  • New area on level 6
  • New checkpoint system
  • Better claw attack collision
  • Better input options on launcher
  • General enemy behaviour adjustment
  • Orb drop amount and rate adjusted


  • Fixed "no music" bug
  • Fixed "Step sound" bug
  • Fixed wrong amount of ammo when respawning
  • Orbs (ammo and health) now collides with dynamic platforms

From now on we'll start to implement the next part of the game, "The Sewers", soon I'll post some screenshots of it.
Also we are planning some graphical improvements, such as GIBS! :DDD

Well, I can't thank you enough for your dedication helping me to improve this game. Each feedback is precious and help us a lot on which direction the game should go.

I'm going to update this page each time we have a new update.

Thank you very much! πŸ˜ƒ

Hey people! How are you doing?

This week I worked on the core design of the game, including weapons and level structure, some bug fixes and I have a lot to tell about it :)

  • On the metter of the weapons, now the game will feature only 4 weapons, but calm down! Each weapon now have 4 levels, the basic + 3 upgrades, these upgrades can be found on secret or hard to reach rooms of the levels. The upgrades work like simple upgrades (more damage, less recoil, more fire rate, etc) or by adding special behaviour to the projectiles, such as ricochete, projectiles only being interrupted by walls, multi shot, charged shot, etc.
    So, the total will be 16 variations of weapons (more than planned for individual weapons).

alt text

  • Still talking about weapons, now each one of the 4 weapons have unique graphics, I'm still testing it but it will include unique models and textures. I'll also add more variation on the projectile graphics.

alt text

  • Yet about weapons, now they are faster and more satisfying to shot in general :)

alt text

  • Now the health upgrade is working and you can have more total health by finding secrets.
  • Some of the levels are being reworked with a slightly different layout, most of the challenges remain the same but the rooms now have a more variated look.

alt text

Well, as soon as I get done with these changes I'll start to design the rest of the levels and enemies (I already started the sewers, but I'm holding it's design in order to finish the weapons and early levels).

Dude… someone will read all this? hehehe

Anyway, on thursday I'll attend to PAIN (Porto Alegre Indie Games) where I'll playtest the current version with some people, shortly after this (maybe on saturday) I'll release a new public version! :DDDD

As always, leave your suggestion and questions on the comments below.

Thank you everybody! <o/

Hey people!


I've decided to make something different from now on.

I'm going to create each level with it's main features and level design in general, test it intensely and just then work on it's graphics, optmization and details.

It may delay the public releases of the levels but will ensure bigger and better packages of levels on each update.

Level 8 is ready (will be included in the next update) and level 9 is on it's basic version.

Level 9 preview (placeholder graphics)

alt text
alt text
alt text

New enemies (placeholder animations)

alt text
alt text

Thank you for the support! :DDD

Exodemon Weekly Update - September - 2 + v 0.3.9

New version for level 1

Changelog v 0.3.8
- New weapon system (basic weapon + upgrades)
- New weapon/Hand graphics (I'll change it again in the future)
- New shot graphics (just tests)
- Level design changes (from level 1 to 7)
- Gameplay balance (enemy speed, health and damage also weapon speed and damage)
- New level (8)
- "Load from last checkpoint" button on pause menu
- Enemy AI reworked
- Grenade sound changed (fart gun no more)
- 60 FPS limit (future versions will feature a FPS limit option)
- Rework on pause menu placeholders

Known issues
- FPS drop on some levels
- Enemies respawning after dead on checkpoint reloading
- No colision with platforms (rare bug)
- Orbs (ammo and health) going away instead of going to the hands (really rare bug)

Well, it's a long time since I announced the 0.3.9 update, I was struggling with some game design decisions, I was not sure if the redesigns were good enough to make public and so I kept changing they over and over.
I kept returning to this feeling, this "impostor syndrome" from time to time, where I can't be satisfied by the way the game looks and plays. Even knowing I need to show the game in order to get the feedback to make the game better, I kept delaying the release of new public versions.

I reworked some sections of the levels in order to provide more exploration and strategic thinking against the enemies.

Also, the levels 9 and 10 are almost ready to play. :)

Level 9

Level 10

No more delaying, you can download the 0.3.9 update at:


I hope you like the changes and thank you for the support! <o/