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The Chronicles of Espiria

A topic by DrassRay - Jacob Mann created Dec 01, 2018 Views: 95 Replies: 1
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During an asteroid field mining excursion, Kent suddenly finds himself marooned on the mysterious and magical world of Espiria. Join him and his new friends on an adventure to find a way back home as well as overcome any obstacles in their way. 
Kent - An asteroid miner that finds himself suddenly marooned on the mysterious planet of Espiria
Lain - She helps lead Kent to her grandfather, the Maeron Village Elder, to figure out what to do about his sudden arrival.

Isaac - Kent's intelligent, sometimes annoying, best friend. Follows Kent where ever he goes, even if it's to a mysterious new world.


Made in Unity and SMILE GAME BUILDER (SmileBoom) 
Story, Music, Character Sprites, and much more - Jacob Mann (DrassRay)  
Character Art / Story - Lauren Atwood   
Monsters - JosephSareph  
Chromaeleon - 2D Flame Sprite   
Hyptosis And Zabin - Various Tilesets 
LudicArts - Free Desert Top-Down tiles   
Codeman38 - Lunchtime Doubly So Font   
 Testers:  Chibi  Zervo  flawmore  saberwolfcdw

 Thank you so much for taking any time to play my game, I really appreciate it. Good luck to all participants out there!
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I'm going to continue on the game post IGMC first by adding a new intro to the game where Kent and Isaac are back home on their space station. This is merely a concept but I found a great tileset on Open Game Art that gave me some inspiration! Currently working on setting up 3D assets using the tiles as textures. 
Here's a link to the tileset if you're interested.