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[Art] [Free] Looking for a some artists

A topic by FilthySilver created Jan 20, 2024 Views: 383 Replies: 4
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I'm one of the writers of a visual novel anthology titled "A Man, a Beast, and an Empire", comprising of three short stories.
The first story is about an alien who crash lands on the warzone during WWI.
The second story is set in a world Of Monsters and Men. The newly crowned King and his chosen Lionheart seek to reform the Empire to begin a new age where humans and beasts can co-exist equally.
The third story is about a human with mysterious magical powers who finds himself in a world populated only by beasts.

We are currently looking for some volunteer artists who can illustrate backgrounds, human characters, or beast/anthro characters for any one of the three short stories. All illustrations for the first two are of minimal to no colour.

If you're interested, we can discuss this through Discord.

My Discord: filthysilver

hey there, I sent you a request on discord, username is dr.dome. Looking forward to talking more!

Hi! Are you still looking for a character designer for your project? 

I have previous experience in character art and design, as well as working in animation which is important for being able to create solid, manageable characters in a consistent style throughout.

Here you have a link to my artstation, in case you're interested in having me on your team: and my discord username is lilidraws. 

Looking forward to talking with you! :D

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Still looking. I just sent a request on Discord.

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Updated. Still open.