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Deep Sea School - Underwater exploration game

A topic by Itooh created Aug 07, 2016 Views: 317
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Hello everyone!

I've just released my first game. It's called Deep Sea School, and it's about being a shark in a sea full of various living creatures.

shark eating lil fishes shark talking to fish

It's a game of little discoveries and secrets. Kind of a toy-box with the “more than meet the eye" idea.

You can play it right here! Feedback are appreciated.


The game was made with Superpowers. I must say, so far, it has been a great tool to learn game development (also Typescript and ES6, by the same occasion)! I highly recommend it.

I intend to make it open-source. I will first do a quick clean-up in the code before putting it on github. I'll update the game page then.