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LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars (roguelike RPG with story and graphics)

A topic by Mario Donick created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 342 Replies: 1
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Hi all,

some years ago, between 2006 to 2012, I wrote a roguelike RPG named LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars. It was unique in the way that it combined a rather long story (set in a post-technological fantasy world) with roguelike randomization, presented optionally not just in true ASCII mode (on text console) but also with (for the time) extensive artwork for menus, story-related intro and "cut scenes", music and sound.

Back then my game and its source code (under GPL v2) were available on (the now long read-only) Google Code; then I was gone for a years from the roguelike scene, shifting my interests to other topics (mainly flight simulation).

However, I always wanted to give LambdaRogue a new home after Google Code was closed, and finally I decided for

So what you can find here is the latest, most complete version of the game (1.6.4), for Windows and Linux (the Linux build compiled freshly on Ubuntu 18.0.4). I just downloaded the release with the client, it worked fine (install, the run).

 Important: The provided Linux binary is a 64 bit file. In (the unlikely?) case you're still using a 32 bit PC / Linux: I will provide a 32 bit binary asap.

You can also download the source code (which is a project for the Lazarus / FreePascal IDE - it still compiles just fine, even after all the years).

Note that LambdaRogue is rather old school. It was among the first roguelikes in the scene back then that tried to simplify the user interface, using simplified key set and hotkeys for items, but it is not as stream lined as today's games -- it feels more like a traditional roguelike (say, Angband with graphics) than today's roguelites. But in-game help is extensive, and keys are configurable.

There are two modes in the game:

In "story mode", you have to do some quests to advance the story. Of course that's my favorite mode, because I, well, like my story ;) the game feels more RPG-ish in this mode.

In "coffeebreak mode", you really just dungon crawl to fight the evil boss on the lowest dungeon level - so, old school there.

So, enjoy "just another stupid death", and leave a comment (I'll try to answer gameplay related questions, and may fix bugs if still necessary, but please don't ask for massive changes to the game concepts).

If you like, send me a post card (address is in in-game help) or "buy me a coffee" ;)

Hi all,

my game got a major update to v1.7 today -- more about it here:

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