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An open-world graphical roguelike. Still in development. · By Cynapse

Founded bugs in 0.7(b)

A topic by kovr created Nov 27, 2018 Views: 322 Replies: 12
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1. Creepy Crawlies - 2 attempts, after killing queen nothing happens and quest giver don't whant to speak with me.

2.Missing Person - This mission send me to ruins without stairs 

3.Leprosy  - After infection im able to move only few squares and totally stuck after. If i use any skill or make shoot anywhere i can move few steps and stuck again.  Somehow i come to the doctor and healed this desease (and replace leg for the better one) and now can move properly.

4.Stolen Blade - 3 attempts, mission mark send me to kindred Hideout, try to check all villages on map, no marks for thief (don't know if Thief must be marked somehow)

5.Vampire desease can be applyed twice 

This damage seems a little too much ... or it's intended?

Those three quests are unfortunately known to be broken under various circumstances. I'm working on a quest system rewrite at the moment, which should hopefully solve the bugs people have been reporting. 

Leprosy must have some kind of exception happening on every turn refresh. I'll take a look, though I think I know the culprit. 

999 damage? Definitely not intended. I thought I scaled back explosive damage in the last update. Hm. I'll take another look at that code. 

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6) Mutation (beak) - this mutation was cured but skill Peck Eyes still available

7) overpopulation - with time some villages become overpopulated and furniture spawn on top of each other

8) duplicates - sometimes already looted boxes start duplicate items inside it 

P.S. I'm not complaining. I just try to collect problems thats i find because i like this project.

Yeah, the duplication and overpopulation are due to the same bug I have yet to find. I think it has something to do with saving and exiting, resuming the game, and spending time away from an area. 

9) After loading all merchants have only empty liquid containers 

Thankfully that one is fixed in the next patch already.

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Sometimes undergrounds are little too random, I can't go somewhere without pickaxe or shovel and can't buy it from merchant.

Should I walk  around the world until I find it?

All tiles underground are connected to each other. Are you using diagonal movement?

No, I used arrows, up do, left right , until now. :P

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didn't feel like making a new thread just for asking this: Where can I find a doctor, i got leprosy pretty early and this(the bug related to movement) ruined the game for me but I trust in the feature. But until the patch fix I need to cure that Leprosy

P.S. Bugged quest where I;m supposed to kill a ranged bandit of sorts and when i got to the place where he was i had to run away( due to overwhelming number of enemies in that area) and now I can't find him in the same map tile and the quest tracker got me to 2 other places where he was nowhere to be found

You can spawn a Doctor using the console. Type "?" to view the commands. 

Thankfully the quest bug is known and fixed in the next build. I've done a complete overhaul of the quest system for 0.7.1. 

Thanks! Much appreciated :D Keep up the good work, you are awsome !