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9) After loading all merchants have only empty liquid containers 

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6) Mutation (beak) - this mutation was cured but skill Peck Eyes still available

7) overpopulation - with time some villages become overpopulated and furniture spawn on top of each other

8) duplicates - sometimes already looted boxes start duplicate items inside it 

P.S. I'm not complaining. I just try to collect problems thats i find because i like this project.

Axu community » General Chat · Created a new topic interesting event

I already done all quests thats i can find on map, so i don't know what to do else and decide to dig a tonnel in mountain.  When i dig this tonnel big mob appear near me, so i start thinking how to spawn more mobs for farm and decide to expand my tonnel. After a while, when i dig out pretty big space this appears in my cave

So i enter this portal and it teleport me to totally closed area ! 

i walk there a little all doors still closed and idk what else i can do there. There is only 1 NPC and he just greetings me, but this still pretty cool.

What else i can do here ? 

This damage seems a little too much ... or it's intended?

Axu community » Bugs · Created a new topic Founded bugs in 0.7(b)

1. Creepy Crawlies - 2 attempts, after killing queen nothing happens and quest giver don't whant to speak with me.

2.Missing Person - This mission send me to ruins without stairs 

3.Leprosy  - After infection im able to move only few squares and totally stuck after. If i use any skill or make shoot anywhere i can move few steps and stuck again.  Somehow i come to the doctor and healed this desease (and replace leg for the better one) and now can move properly.

4.Stolen Blade - 3 attempts, mission mark send me to kindred Hideout, try to check all villages on map, no marks for thief (don't know if Thief must be marked somehow)

5.Vampire desease can be applyed twice 

Thanks, awesome game btw

+1 question. What does living weapon ? Im already have living sai lvl4 but don't feel any difference

Where can i find it ? Im already try to slaughter nearby villages but no one have it

you need to find doctor who can replace your limbs.


Idk bag or feature but after i get 3-rd arm with Ensis mission i try to replace it with better one but my 3-rd arm just disappear and doctor make different operation... 

He replace my leg with arm so now i have 3 arms and 1 leg .  And 1 minor problem. Now i have only 1 slot for boot and 3 arm slots