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[Art] Looking to form or join a Game [Jam] Team for itchdare and Ludum Dare 36

A topic by Title_Pending created Aug 06, 2016 Views: 420 Replies: 1
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I can do 2D art and I use Spriter Pro. I use C2. Also, I have minor music and programing skills. If I'm given time to focus on just the art, this gives me a lot more time to make more polished animations, backgrounds, assets etc.

Jams I want to go for with a group.

My last game I did in a 2 person team for the global game jam

Looking for people--
1) That are willing to share ideas and vote on the best on the team can do.

2) Can clear 60% of their weekend during the event to do their part.

3) Is willing to profit share the IP evenly if the project is good enough to be developed for steam.

4) Doesn't play Pokemon Go while driving.

5) Thinks everything is funny becuase everything is politcally incorrect.
Let's PM--
My twitter @BurningWoodM

Update: Have a C# coder ready for Unity. Anyone interested in forming a motley crew?