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A topic by dunin created Nov 26, 2018 Views: 94 Replies: 2
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Hi, here are some feedback after some games (sorry, I put all in one post):

(warning: some problems may be due to my poor English)

  • The rules are difficult to assimilate, and I understand that tutorial and easy runs are necessary, but as it stands, they are not fun. Maybe we could have one or two buildings (already built) on these parts to have some power over the dice.
  • I had trouble understanding that I didn't have to choose a mission to return to the starting screen. When you launch, you click on the arrow that goes up, and I had the feeling I had to choose before the first roll of the die. Maybe a downward arrow could make it clear that you can change the screen as you wish.
  • it also took me a while to understand that you could put more than three dice on the armies cards.
  • I need to fly over the buildings every turn, because I have trouble remembering which one has which action. Some icons might help.
  • I often try to drag and drop dice on objects, I don't understand why their use is different from the rest of the game (buildings, missions...).
  • I had some bugs:  I was allowed to use a golden die on my buildings. it was funny on the woodcutter (I created a normal dice) but it was a little easy on the towers (the dice became permanent). I also had (quite often) an infinite woodcutter.
  • Balance thinking: woodcutter is not expensive enough. It is very useful to do n-of-a-kind things and fill in the round table (the only nightmare run I've ever won, I had a woodcutter).

That's a lot of remarks, but I really enjoyed playing after overcoming the difficult barrier of assimilating rules!

Good game!


thank you It's helpful. I'm also welcome to suggestions for the icon I should use for as many dice as possible of one kind. A lot of people think it's only 3 dice. Before that I used a ⚂ ... ⚂ icon that was not working better. Any ideas ?

PS : The woodcutter bug will be fixed in next version.

Maybe something like a pile, in perspective...