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Question regarding the Playtime

A topic by Haifischtoast created Nov 26, 2018 Views: 283 Replies: 6
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What happens if the judge fails a level and has to replay it? How does it count towards the 1 hour of gameplay rule? We are just worried that our theoretical playtime might be less than an hour, if you somehow manage to play all levels perfectly at the first try. But in reality you might have to try some levels a few times which easily leads to more than an hour of playtime. 
This shouldnt affect the ratings of 1 hour gameplay negatively, right?

The 1 hour playtime rule is mostly there just so that we have a hard cap on how long a judge has to spend on any one game. The overall length of the game won't be a factor in the judging other than 1. Judges aren't required to play longer than one hour, and 2. You have communicated what you want to with  your game. If it is 30 minutes and you communicated the game to us, you're fine. 

okay, thank you :)



Fine, good, no problem, etc, etc.

Ughh it would have been nice if this was said on the game jam website seeing as it specifically says "you have 1 month to deliver an hour long game" ... that totally changes everything for me :'(

The game doesn't need to be an hour long, it's just that the judges only have to play it up to an hour. :)