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Butler push error 400 invalid target

A topic by Software Geezers created 55 days ago Views: 235 Replies: 2
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Trying Butler for the first time as 2024 is set to be my debut on itch! Sadly, I've no success on the push. My account is 'Software Geezers' and the title 'Project Preview'. I try variations on 

butler push "[source]" "software-geezers\project-preview:win" but I just hit the error(400) invalid target. The itch weblink is

I've tried with/without quotes, channel inside and outside quotes, hyphens, spaces and concatenated, etc. The documentation just mentions names with spaces or hyphens, giving only a simple one-word dev and game title so there's no guidance there. I also already have a zip build pushed and running if that makes a difference?

How do I get the correct push target parameters? Thanks!

Admin (2 edits)

You’re using the wrong slash, it should be a /. Think of a website URL, not a file path on Windows.

Thanks. This did it: