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Hero Siege

Hack N Slash roguelike with RPG elements · By Panic Art Studios Ltd.

Just a Steam key?

A topic by schnickfitzel created Nov 19, 2018 Views: 415 Replies: 3
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You only get one Steam Key (I already have one), no DRM-free version, is that correct?


The game is very heavily integrated with steam, a DRM free version would give cheaters a total way of dodging a ban since they can just create a new account. Cheaters are our main pain in the butt atm.

What's the point of putting it on if you're just gonna sell the DRM copy anyway?

By buying directly from the dev such as in this case, you give Valve 0% of the money and the developer 100% of the money with presumably itch getting a small cut too. So buy here if you want to support the dev and itch but not Valve.