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I just want to leave a big thank you. My last comment was from 2 years ago when I bought this and I've learned so much from the code. I don't use it for any (active) project, but I learned a lot about viable database structures. Keep up the good work

Update: Got it now, thanks!

Sadly, no answer.

I've sent 2 emails in the past and another one in the last 5 minutes:

Update: Still no response after 2 weeks.

Bought/supported before July 1st and didn't received an email.

I've also got no response after asking for the download via email (

Great sprites as always, really love your work!

Thats actually really helpful and points me into the right direction. Many thanks for the detailed answer.

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How would you achieve an item sorting mechanism to manually rearrange items in the inventory? Any "easy" way under the engine conditions? 

Oh my gawd. Instant buy just to support awesome works like this.

Thank you, missed that shrine as I played the demo. Its even more impressive now, the storage system works like a charm.

(you should mention that in the description, as this is a killer feature)

Good luck with your sales, its totally worth the price.

Bought it right away, this asset is absolutely insane and safes so much time with the backbone for this kind of RPGs.

Is there a storage system (can't take a look at the code before tomorrow) included?

Keep up the good work, you are really one of my favourite GM devs.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

I'm glad you're updating the assets, bought it right away ;)

Keep up the good work!

Bought this a while ago, quick question:
Is this easy to combine with Shop and Inventory System for GameMaker Studio: 2?

Is there an "easy" option to make the ceiling solid with collisions?

Bump, I would really like to create a second account just for publishung my (nearly finished) games.

Are multiple accounts allowed?

I would like to use a separate account for publishing games.

Kind Regards

You only get one Steam Key (I already have one), no DRM-free version, is that correct?

I just want to leave a little "Thank you" here, as I'll use those tiles for quick prototyping ;)

Can't wait for more!

1.4 or 2.0?

Thank you for your very detailed answer.

You should mention this on the description and/or in a license file packed with the software.

Kind Regards

What is the license for created games?

What is the easiest way to add a smooth crouching feature into this engine?

Nice and smooth engine btw ;)