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A game about fear and letting go of it. · By ScaniX

Gameplay video

A topic by ProofreadFire created Nov 15, 2018 Views: 97 Replies: 1
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Cool game. I like the pixel look. I couldn't quite figure out the puzzle though.


"Ahaaaaaa!!! ... That was useless!"  :D

Hehe, thanks for playing! It  really helps to find the places that still irritate the players. :)

Thanks for making it to the end, too!

By the way: thundercla_P_s  
You are not the first one to expect "thunderclash", although I cannot find a translation for that. ^^

I also think that you did not find all hints, there are 5 of them. I plan to add a hint like "I need to find 2 more.", so that this is less of a problem.