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Hi! Thank you for playing!
I bet it was especially hard with the low resolution. XD
But it was fun to watch! :)

Hehe, yay... I think. :)

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Did you change the settings?

The default is still the same, because I'm using the left stick honking and right stick landing gear function a lot. It's convenient, so your fingers don't have to leave the sticks.

But you can change this in the settings now.

I've uploaded an update. Please check it out, when you have time!

Hi! It's up/down on the right stick, not the left.

That the left stick is doing two things at once is a bug.

I think I will add an option to select the function for the left (and maybe right) stick(s).

Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

Autoleveling is supposed to be activated when moving the stick up/down, not pressing it if I remember correctly.

About the honking: I used multiple buttons for some functions, because I thought that everyone should be able to reach the function with the button most convenient for them. 

It should not be much of a problem to add an option to select which button should honk.

I will try to upload a new version soon.

Oh! In that case, your log files (and save, I hope) should be in "~/Library/Logs/ScaniX/MournwayMansion/"

Hi! Thanks again for reporting the puzzle bug.

I've found and fixed it and will upload a new version now. The puzzle gained 5 more symbols each time you changed the difficulty on top of the previous ones, which could also produce duplicates.

BTW: The difficulty setting only affects the action parts. In the accessibility menu, there is an option "simplify puzzles" that will reduce the puzzle difficulty (e.g. reduce the number of symbols in this puzzle from 5 to 3).

Hi! Thank you so much for all the feedback!

There seem to be lots of wonky things on the mac. I cannot really test that system and relied on a buddy who was able to play it fine. I am aware that I need to improve testing here.

Pink usually signals a missing texture. The menu background is random, so it seems the mac version is missing one (or some) of the materials for some reason.

In normal difficulty it should be 5 symbols. It should also not show them multiple times. I will try to reproduce this by switching difficulty.

Thanks again for checking it out and the bug reports!

Sorry for the late reply!
Can you upload the contents of the folder (windows) without subfolders: "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\ScaniX\MournwayMansion"

You can press WIN+R in windows and paste "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\ScaniX\MournwayMansion" (including quotes) there and press enter to open that folder.

Here is an upload link:

(I was unaware that itch has no personal messages, so I'm doing this as a comment instead. It's not top secret anyway, I guess)

Thanks for reporting. I can't check it at the moment, but if you find a way to share the savegame I will have a look at it. I'll send you a message when I'm back in the office. :)

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. :)

Hi! Thank you very much for your detailed impressions!

I tried to make the controls as easy as possible, so right click is always examing and left click is the action of the displayed icon (unless you are combining something where right click is cancel for convenience). Maybe I need to have a separate text to make this clear.

As for the drawer: Maybe add another text hint pointing to the drawer appearing after a while? In most cases it is something that is totally obvious for me (or any dev) where players are stuggling in the end. I was hoping that the player would just check out the interactions (as the cursor indicates when pointing at something interactive further away as well). 

Thanks again, I will think about this.

And thank you for the all the positive feedback as well. I have seen some questionable usages of "voxel", too. I'm also breaking out of the "restriction cage" of voxels here and there to do a smoother effect or something, but I think I have found a "final" voxel look for the game that I like. :)

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback!

I can't wait either. XD

Amazing video, thanks for playing! :)

Thank you so much for playing and the nice feedback!
I enjoyed your playthough. :)

Sorry for renaming the game to trick you into playing it again! XD
And thanks so much for doing it! :)

Thank you SO MUCH! :)

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! :)
Looking forward to watching your gameplay later.

Thanks a lot for playing! Great gameplay video and nicely narrated, too. :)

Hi! Thanks for your comment and the cool gameplay. :]

Cool! Thanks for playing!

It was new to me that you can skip pulling out the big drawer and walk across its edge in the tutorial. ^^

Thanks for playing the demo! :)

Thanks a lot for checking it out! :)

Hi, thank you very much!

I have added a Linux version. It's untested by me, although someone managed to play it. :)

That you for commenting! :]

Hi! Thank you very much! :)
And congratulations on beating it!

Thank you! :)

Thanks, your comment is super  well appreciated! :)

Hey, thanks a lot! Good to know that my weird player controller is working. :)

I was able to finish it this time. The most difficult part is still "the floor is ice". The character takes a second to come to halt after you press forward and glitches off corners. In Unity I'd say it is a capsule collider without friction. I don't know how it is in Godot. :)

Still... this can all be part of the challenge and building and jumping is fun. Good job with that idea! :)

I just noticed that  I did not fully understand how the camera was supposed to work. I probably did not pay enough attention to the explanation. The mechanic works really nice.

The character controller feels a bit... sluggish. But it's not that much of a problem. The game is really nice.

Now I was able to play it and I love the gameplay combination. The artwork is really nice as well and the music is cool, relaxing and sci-fi enough. :)

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. :)

Huh? I didn't comment this?

I love this game for its visuals and the gameplay. It's simple, yes. But it is fun to play! :)

I like the gameplay idea as it is something fresh (at least for me). The visuals were pretty cool, too.

I just had some problems with the controls and with finishing the levels overall, but maybe I'm just bad at this game. :)

Thank you! :D

I'm making sure that my teammate is reading this, too. :)

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback and your kind words! :)

In the beginning, we have discussed to add some brutal deaths to the game and it stayed. You are probably right, that the  falling death might not be necessary (outside of the one falling puzzle) and I could increase the deadly height to 8m or so.

I almost added an arrow pointing up to where the lab level (the white floor) starts, good to know that this would have been right... :D

ah, thank you.