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Best game ever! I love how the story unfolds! =P

Grats on your first game!

Nice, simple mechanic. The control(s) work(s). The sounds are cute. :)

The menu of a game completely controlled by keyboard should probably not need a mouse to be controlled. ESC to pause the game would be nice, too.

It would also help to show the final mugs on the (missing) game over screen. They are displayed, but now I need to count them myself anyway to get my highscore, because they are instantly gone.

My highscore: 10 mugs

PS: You also have a Nullpointer in MenuScore.Start()

Thanks! :D

Alright, thanks! :D

Hehe, I will never get sick of those. It is just awesome to see someone play the thing you worked on in your dark room with just a faint idea of how players will experience it. :)

I loved your playthrough. I was actually surprised that you got a different riddle by just restarting the game. Did you start a new game? 

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Yay! That is an amazing play through. I am baffled at how much work you have put into it. It's super awesome! Super cool! *bing!*

Thank you so much for playing! Again, I've learned a thing or two that I can do to make it easier for the player to progress. :)

It is super entertaining AND helpful! :D

Wow! Thanks a lot for your kind words! I am happy that you enjoyed it. :)

I have one more change on the list for Alex, but it didn't make it into the current version for some reason. He is supposed to start talking to you after you wake up (telling you the current time) or after you did not talk to him for a few minutes.
Thank you for this feedback, so I know that something like this would indeed be beneficial for the player. 

And now I am super hyped for your gameplay video! :D

Hey! Thank you very much for checking my game out! :)

"Ahaaaaaa!!! ... That was useless!"  :D

Hehe, thanks for playing! It  really helps to find the places that still irritate the players. :)

Thanks for making it to the end, too!

By the way: thundercla_P_s  
You are not the first one to expect "thunderclash", although I cannot find a translation for that. ^^

I also think that you did not find all hints, there are 5 of them. I plan to add a hint like "I need to find 2 more.", so that this is less of a problem.

Wow! That was awesome, thank you very much!

It was delightful to watch. Your voiceovers were really cool, too. :)

I hope I can extend the demo to include more scenes after the tutorial in the future. Might take a while, though. ^-^

Hi! Thanks for playing my game!

Please report all typos and other bugs here, so I can quickly fix them. Thanks! :)

No worries. I basically added the topic for people who would shy away to open their own otherwise . ;)

Hi! Thank you for playing and thank you a lot for the great feedback!
I wanted to keep it without much user interface, the interaction very simple: restrict it to a main action (LMB) and examine with the RMB.
Probably having another cursor whenever something is in front of the pointer, but not usable and having examine ONLY on the RMB would be a solution. I will definitely test that variant.
(You can also use RMB when the cursor "..." is shown to cancel the whole dialog outside of cutscenes, but there is no tutorial or hint for that yet as it is pretty new. It only is written in the controls on the game page.)

Thanks again! :)

Darkness community · Created a new topic Demo feedback

Please post your feedback to the demo here, thanks! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Ha! See? I had the feeling there was something like this, but I tried all keys and nothing happened. I also thought the characters shown in the bottom right menu could be pressed to invoke the action. I saw it now, but I kinda ignored/forgot it immediately the last time and never moved the mouse around to look for hidden menus. ;)

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Nice game. Could probably need some cleanup in UI and controls (why do I click everywhere to activate things, but need to press C to continue after a fight?), but it's a solid little game. :)

Good job!

Really nice music. :)
Cool main menu, too!
A key to reset the current level would be nice. And I'd prefer the moved match at its original size and show up at the targeted slot ghosted or something, I think.

Very nice style. Like the lighting using the mouse position and that the eyes of the character is the only thing you see in the dark. :)
(small typo: "thought" instead of "though")

You can finish the game by just clicking on the woman and then on the exit. :)

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Damn guests always stole the towels. Until we made them really heavy. :)

Nice idea. I like the mechanics that you are always only able to carry one item and that it stays visible in your hand and interactive.

It is sometimes difficult to navigate and takes more than one click and once he went straight to the target, ignoring the stairway. :D

Overall it works pretty good, though and is fun to play.

PS: Should have waited to send this comment out, the send button kicked me straight out of the game. XD

Death by bear butt!

That's a nice genre combination. I also noticed the "Bear camps the spawn point" problem and the jump'n'run really is pretty unforgiving. But overall it is a great entry to the jam! :)

I'm late to the party! XD
But I love the visuals and music of this game. I even made it to the end. :)
I think I bumped into an enemy, but we did not hurt each other. :D

The storytelling is nice and the puzzle mechanics are solid. We had fun playing this until the diagonally walking monsters appeared.
The only thing that felt bad were the super slow moving speed and having to skip through the dialog again after failing a level.

But other than that it is a cool game. Good work! :)

Cool changes. I made it though the whole game now. I like the overall message and it was a nice overall experience. :thumbsupiconthatprobablydoesntexist:

Cool, thank you very much.
It is difficult, but I hope people get the necessary hints and are able to see the happy end. :)

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The new version is uploaded and should work now if you want to give  it another go. :)

Lol, I really didn't expect that JUMP! :D
I really like this idea. The simplicity of the whole thing and the nice execution is really beautiful.
The music is not really my thing, probably because IT IS SO LOUD! XD
But the game is really cool nonetheless! :)

Thank you for the nice feedback!
And thank you for the bug report. This only happens in the WebGL version. I will disable that one for now. :(

Interesting idea. :)
The "ball physics" work nicely. I bet it is fun with two players (had to test it alone ^^).

There totally is. :)

That is a real cool concept. :D
The art is super cute, too. Amazing work!

Nice, simple concept, realized in a nice way. :)
I like those sounds and faces. ^^

Super cute game. I love the character, animations and other artwork. Very soothing music, too. :)