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Thank you! :)

Thanks, your comment is super  well appreciated! :)

Hey, thanks a lot! Good to know that my weird player controller is working. :)

I was able to finish it this time. The most difficult part is still "the floor is ice". The character takes a second to come to halt after you press forward and glitches off corners. In Unity I'd say it is a capsule collider without friction. I don't know how it is in Godot. :)

Still... this can all be part of the challenge and building and jumping is fun. Good job with that idea! :)

I just noticed that  I did not fully understand how the camera was supposed to work. I probably did not pay enough attention to the explanation. The mechanic works really nice.

The character controller feels a bit... sluggish. But it's not that much of a problem. The game is really nice.

Now I was able to play it and I love the gameplay combination. The artwork is really nice as well and the music is cool, relaxing and sci-fi enough. :)

Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. :)

Huh? I didn't comment this?

I love this game for its visuals and the gameplay. It's simple, yes. But it is fun to play! :)

I like the gameplay idea as it is something fresh (at least for me). The visuals were pretty cool, too.

I just had some problems with the controls and with finishing the levels overall, but maybe I'm just bad at this game. :)

Thank you! :D

I'm making sure that my teammate is reading this, too. :)

Thanks a lot for the nice feedback and your kind words! :)

In the beginning, we have discussed to add some brutal deaths to the game and it stayed. You are probably right, that the  falling death might not be necessary (outside of the one falling puzzle) and I could increase the deadly height to 8m or so.

I almost added an arrow pointing up to where the lab level (the white floor) starts, good to know that this would have been right... :D

ah, thank you.

Wow! Thank you very much for your comment and compliments! :)

The button puzzles have a simple system: Some fields toggle 1 or 2 (I think it's almost always 2) barriers. And then you just need to move them to the target fields without colliding.
That said... When I am playing puzzles like this (or most of the puzzles), I often end up pushing buttons almost randomly till it's solved as well. ^^

As usual there are a LOT things that could use work. But also as usual: I underestimated the work and ended up barely finishing this.

Thank you very much!

This is the game screen:

And this is the open mission list:

I can still click on the station in the background (the large building attached to earth) to hide the popup again.

Tried all keys, nothing else to do here.

Rate a game with only the letters "game". Done well!

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Mac Version:

I am putting this here as to not update the downloads after the gamejam ended. This is the same version as the windows one with the addition of one video setting to reduce input lag.

Apparently CTRL+Left/Right does something weird on the Mac, so you need to push stuff using CTRL+A/D instead. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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I love the graphics of the little space ships. That's also a super chill soundtrack. :)

Edit: Just remembered that I forgot to say something about the gameplay, because I have written this before managing to control the menus. I like the game idea and how the jobs play out. Nicely done!

Unfortunately I could not close the mission popup after accepting a job and couldn't continue playing as I wasn't able to see anything. ^^

Edit: Oh, okay. I was supposed to press E again to close it? It looked broken, also because the "yes" "no" buttons stay the whole time and you can continue playing in the background.

I usually don't like these "endless runner" type games, but this was surprisingly fun to play. :)
Great selection of font, background and music to give it a sci-fi feeling.

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The upgrade system is nice. I  missed it on the first attempt. I've seen the screenshot and decided to try again to get that "movement speed" upgrade, but could not find it. Otherwise the second jump over the gap on the last "bridge" is not possible, I think.

Some notes: You have used the cyan markers both for directional hints and for decoration. Probably should be only  used for directions.

The jump key buffering is too long, you can press jump anywhere in the air and he will jump when reaching ground.

The gray floor blocks were hard to see, I'd give the top face a different color than the rest to make it more distinguishable.

The crosshair did not help much as the bullets never hit that point, especially in the beginning. Later with several splits, you are hitting everything anyway. ^^

Smooth is fine, but this was like moving on ice. You stopped pressing forward, but the char would still slide. It was like the default Unity player controller. ^^

Wow! That's some complex gameplay. I mean... the tutorial is longer than most of the games here. ;)

Thumbs up!  :)

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Edit:  So, it was just a build problem. The controls are working fine now and I think they are pretty cool. The drone movement is nice IMHO. :)

Now it's just my old guy reflexes that stop me from winning anything here. ^^

I like the looks of the game.

I think it's strange (even after I know what is happening) to see your character jump 2m into the air every time he gets hit by the barely visible enemy bullet. ;)

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Edit: Downloaded the game, please see other comment for real feedback.

I like the idea, but wasn't able to play. I could open the mission list, but could not select any. I could also still click on the space station(?) in the background.

Shooting the coin at the vending machine did nothing, but it picked up the coin itself afterwards. :)

Nice gameplay and puzzle design.

Controls were very imprecise for me. Felt like running on ice, which made it difficult to get anywhere. Also didn't know where to go in the end. Tried to jump onto the spaceship, but couldn't. It just kept pushing me away.

The rotating things rotated so far that you could no longer see the rotation. But I was able to stop it with a block.

The idea is nice, though. The combination of a parkour with the addition of being able to build stuff if cool.

Sorry, I have 0 experience with construct. Usually the embedded game needs to get the keyboard focus.

Alright. I got 29 parts. Controls feel quite nice. Grats on your entry! :)


Cursor down scrolls down in the browser, maybe you can grab the focus or consume the event or something. ^^

Parts kept spawning at the spot that I picked one up, so I got 2 or even 3 once at the same time. You should probably ignore the last pickup position for the next spawn.

Interesting. I like the "hidden" quote on the wall. Also my character kept randomly jumping. ^^

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Thanks for the suggestions! Unlockable cars have been suggested before, but this would need a lot of additional work. At some point a dev needs to "move on" to have time for future projects.

I might do smaller updates in the future and added the death counter to the list. :)

You will find the demo if you scroll all the way down on the game page.

It has its own highscore list, but it contains an excerpt of the same levels, so you won't miss anything by playing "only" the full version. :)

Hi! Thank you very much for the nice feedback! :)

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I'm kinda a bit late with this, but I have recently released my game "Spaß Taxi". It's a retro pixel art action game and it's in a way a modern remake of the Space Taxi game from 1984, but with new levels and gameplay.

Over the course of 40 levels, you will see a nice mix of:

  • Quick reactions
    Avoid rockets, lasers or pass through moving gaps.
  • Puzzles
    Push the right buttons, find the shortest path or utilize teleporters.
  • Learning
    Memorize the passengers and their destinations, find out better (and quicker) ways to move, land or get your customers into or out of your car.
  • Dexterity
    Use the right amount of thrust to be fast, but not crash into stuff and quickly know which thruster to use while flying upside down in veteran mode.

Please have a look at it here:

Thank you! :)

Hi! I've just played through your game.
It's really cool. :)

I love the artwork of the main menu and paintings in the game. The sounds were nice, but a bit quiet (it also started with a volume of 0 for me).

The gameplay was alright, but the buried tool was a bit silly and I had problems seeing stuff. There should be a brightness setting in the game. ^^

The interactions were mostly fine, but you should make a better usage of the icons to differentiate between actions and examinations. Especially for the choice in the end. I just wanted to look at it with the eye icon, but ended the game. XD

All oil lamps share the same description texts, even the unlit one on the backside. ^^

Overall it was a cool atmospheric experience. Congratulations on your game project! :)

Well, I'd love that. :)

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Best game ever! I love how the story unfolds! =P

Grats on your first game!

Nice, simple mechanic. The control(s) work(s). The sounds are cute. :)

The menu of a game completely controlled by keyboard should probably not need a mouse to be controlled. ESC to pause the game would be nice, too.

It would also help to show the final mugs on the (missing) game over screen. They are displayed, but now I need to count them myself anyway to get my highscore, because they are instantly gone.

My highscore: 10 mugs

PS: You also have a Nullpointer in MenuScore.Start()

Thanks! :D