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my new game and need feedback

A topic by firecat created Nov 15, 2018 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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i won't go too much into detail since i like to keep working on game jams until 2 days before the end. The project gameplay and name will stay a mystery because i think i really made a good game. However i like to hear some feedback on some things, this game will be a prototype for this jam not really polish but i will work on it after the jam to make it better.

- Do you think i should add a pvp? the game jam version won't have it because it takes too long to set up (plus money). co-op will be added after, however online pvp is something that might not be great for the game because i can't always keep it online.

- android version? I can make the game into android but it might be single player.

- would you buy it even though it is basic? the gameplay is basic, not too unoriginal or boring but really basic rules that anyone can do, would you buy such a thing or should i just leave it free because it is so basic.

well that is all the feedback i like to receive, sorry if there is no picture but i can do is let you hear the music:

gameplay music

main menu:

- Hard to say whether adding PvP or not is worth it given we don't know anything about your game.

- Sure, why not? But for this Jam you need to have a windows EXE deliverable.

- Well, it would be nice if your game had at least one unique gameplay feature. When making a game that's what I always start with. What's that gameplay feature that sets my game apart from the rest? What makes it unique? Complete clones of other games are not very entertaining to play.

In 4 days i will release the game to test for any bug, this will help me find out if anything is broken.